Power To The People – How To Re-Brand Zimbabwe

President Mugabe & PM Tsvangirai
How Mugabe & Tsvangirai Should Re-brand Zimbabwe

The government has promised Zimbabwe people change time and time again – all which have led to a big fat zero. Promises came first from Zanu-PF, then MDC, and now from the unity government – but no one has produced much for the ordinary people. I can only imagine the kind of promises that will be flying around come election time.

Some in power, have decided that the solution for Zimbabwe’s situation is to ‘re-brand’– effectively calling all this a marketing problem. I’d have to agree (and I’ll tell you why). Now to be sure, I’m no Politician (and I’d hate to be one), but I do have something to say about marketing Zimbabwe – 3 things to be precise. Continue reading “Power To The People – How To Re-Brand Zimbabwe”