Websites Not Worth Hosting

Hosting is pretty cheap, affordable at least for most operating businesses, even in Zimbabwe. Hosting companies make their money by charging you as little as possible in the hope that they can get 1000 of us to give them that small reoccurring semi-passive income we’d all love to get more of. Maybe it’s so cheap, so many businesses are content to not expect much or any real results from their website.

I suspect that if hosting your website for a month in Zimbabwe cost you as much as placing an advert in the Herald newspaper Continue reading “Websites Not Worth Hosting”

12 Reasons Your Zimbabwe Business Needs A Website

Money making website
Do you have a money making website yet?

The internet is exploding in Zimbabwe, and already businesses are seeing the benefits of being online – Isn’t time you joined in? If you’re wondering what the benefits of a website would be for your Zimbabwe business, here are a few good reasons to go for it!

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  • Top benefits for having a website, even in Zimbabwe
  • Special Invite…How to get an affordable website PLUS over $700 worth of FREE Bonuses (if you hurry)
  1. The Phone Book is dead – replaced by local online marketing services like Continue reading “12 Reasons Your Zimbabwe Business Needs A Website”

Is ZOL Afraid Of Econet?

Is Zimbabwe Online getting nervous over Econet’s promised 3G?

Wouldn’t blame them. They’ve never come up against competition this big before. In fact they’ve had it pretty easy up until now and they’ve done well with their Zolspot (hot spots) expansion. Still the arrival of 3G technology, though delayed is imminent and ZOL has a fight on their hands.

In a recent email broad cast to over 10 000 people, they made their first move – a good one too. Their headline… Continue reading “Is ZOL Afraid Of Econet?”