Will You Be An Employee All Your Life?

You can be an employee all your life if you want to. Nothing wrong with it, as long as you understand what you’ve given up. No employee has real freedom with his time, ideas and money. For as long as you’re an employee the world will know the impact of your boss, but never yours – and maybe you’re okay with that.

But, if not… Continue reading “Will You Be An Employee All Your Life?”

Start an Event Planning Business In Zimbabwe

The event planning or event management industry in Zimbabwe branches off into two main markets: the corporate events market and the social events market. ‘Corporate’ here doesn’t only refer to companies and businesses, but also to government, NGOs, charities and other fund raising

Opportunities for business

There’s potentially a lot of opportunity for business out there, think about it Continue reading “Start an Event Planning Business In Zimbabwe”

Choose the Right Business – 3 tips.

How to choose the right business
What business should i start? Hmmm.

Some weeks I get to talk to between 10 and 20 entrepreneurs (on the phone), one on one, all at different stages of their business development. Usually, they’ve seen our Business Setup Kit brochure Inevitably there are going to be two or three people who really want to be in business, but don’t know which one. Are you in that position? Here’s my advice – just three points – but all very important.  Continue reading “Choose the Right Business – 3 tips.”

How To Start A Business With No Money

Want to start a business but have no money? Now’s your chance.

For the next 7 days only, you can get a Business Setup Kit on a purely barter trade basis.We’re accepting all kinds of things…cell phones, lines, laptops…be creative. If you’re really serious about starting your business, then this could be a chance of a life time.

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