What To Say In Your Marketing, To Get People To Buy

So you’re a business owner and entrepreneur marketer and you’re trying to figure out what should you be saying to get these people to buy –

Cuz you’re out you’re trying to make some money right?

Before you go too far, take a step back and ask yourself this question – this person whose money you’re trying to get “how old are they?”

Is he a he? Is she is she? How much money does she make? Is she married? Does she have kids? Where does she live?

We call all of this, “demographics”. Super Useful. 

Now demographics are a good start but if you want the secret sauce then you got to come a little closer. There we go!

Demographics is all about the stuff on the outside, but psychographics is about the stuff that’s in your head and in your heart. That’s the stuff that really gets people motivated to buy from you.

This woman what does she really believe? What are her priorities? What’s her worldview and which political party does she support?

We’re getting closer to understanding this person.

What keeps her awake at night and this problem that you’re trying to solve for her how does it make her feel? Angry? Afraid? Does it make her feel insecure and unattractive?

Psychographics can go pretty deep but the idea is that you have to understand the internal world of your potential customer. What really moves this person and keeps them awake at night? What motivates them or what gets them excited? What’s really scaring them right now?

That’s the stuff that you should be crafting your marketing message around and that’s the first step in figuring out, what you should be saying in your marketing. It’s powerful stuff my friend and with great power comes great responsibility.

World Cup, Vuvuzelas And Failed Businesses

World Cup 2010 soccerThis world cup 2010 in South Africa is a ticket to failure for some businesses. Seriously, and maybe yours too if you’ve caught anything more than a mild case of soccer fever. I said the same thing about Christmas back in 2008 and i’m saying it again about the World Cup in 2010:

Don’t Switch Off Your Brain for the Soccer Games!

Let me explain

Looking out from my office at the Vuvuzela blowing cars on their way to the various ‘fan parks’, i can’t help but wonder how many of them are entrepreneurs in need of a competitive advantage – yet here they are giving away one of the rarest and finest advantages possible… Continue reading “World Cup, Vuvuzelas And Failed Businesses”