No One Else Will Do This For You, Thanks DV8!

dv8 restuarantNothing beats being able to say “No one else will do this for you”, and then backing it up with a definite and unique promise. Marketers call it a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and it’s vital to the success of your business.

I mean if you’re saying exactly what Tom, Dick and Harry are saying (like these guys), then why the heck would I prefer you?

I wouldn’t.

Have you seen DV8’s “Kids Eat Free” offer? 

I thought that it was awesome. They can say with confidence, at least for today, that “No one else will do this for you”. And if they can get you in the door today, they have a chance to win you over as a regular customer, long after the special is done and gone. When was the last time a decent restaurant offered your kids a free meal?

What about you & your business?

Can you offer me something none of your competitors will? A definite benefit that no one else would be generous enough to offer? A specific promise no one else would be bold enough to give?


Most businesses I consult with don’t have a unique selling proposition at all. They’re happier to play in the safer middle ground of not promising anything too special, too different. Problem is, it’s not safe at all.

It’s risky business to be the same as your competitors. It means you have to rely heavily on price. It means you had better be nearer to me, easier to reach than your competition. It means at anytime, I could switch to someone else and forget all about you. It means, if you close down today, I might not even notice.

DV8 promises “steaks you leave home for”. Are their steaks that good? I don’t know. What I do know is that if Kids eat free today, and can have fun in the play room while I relax for an hour, then I might just find out.




What If I’m really An 18 Year Old Girl, Should You Be Talking To Me Like That?

bad targetingQuick question, how would your marketing change if you discovered your target market was mostly over 50 years old? Or really loved Oliver Mtukudzi, not John Legend? Or preferred Microsoft to Apple?

  • What if you’re sponsoring soccer teams to get my attention, but I’m really into Rugby or Cricket?
  • You’re using complicated words, but I didn’t get past high school?
  • You’re developing a “great new app” but I use a basic feature phone?
  • You’re putting up Bill boards in Borrowdale but I live in Hatfield?
  • You’re charging too little for me to believe it’s good quality?
  • You’re distributing fliers outside Chicken Inn, But I eat at Mugg & Bean
  • You’re taking out full-page adverts, but I don’t read the newspaper
  • You’ve got fancy flash animation on your website, but I surf with my phone (can’t see them)
  • i could go on and on…

What if you’re talking to me like a 50-year-old man, but I’m really, I’m an 18-year-old girl?

“Well, that wouldn’t happen to us, we know our target market very well”. I doubt that. If you’re anything like the average business in Zimbabwe right now, some expertly done research would show you surprising things about who your target market really is.

Listen, i always say, strategy should be driven by data, not creativity. It’s not good marketing because it’s so creative no one has ever done it beforeit’s good because it feels like you’re talking to me…about something I care about, about a solution i believe in.

Ask yourself, do you know what pages on Facebook are popular among your target audience? Do you know what keeps them awake at night? Have you bothered to find out where they hang out for fun?

Probably not. But you should find out. Guessing is one of the reasons your marketing is so expensive

When you get to know me, your marketing will naturally and effortlessly improve. If your marketing isn’t working, maybe it’s because you’ve got it in the wrong place, or maybe, when I see it, I just don’t believe you, or worse, I don’t even care.




Why You Absolutely Have To Read My First Sentence

Headlines make all the difference

Once you read my first sentence, you’re off on a journey to discovering one of the most important things you’ll ever learn about marketing. So important in fact that many an expert has claimed this one secret alone can be responsible for as much as 80% of your marketing success sometimes.  Personally, i consider it the second most important thing.

And here it is Continue reading “Why You Absolutely Have To Read My First Sentence”

Why Everyone Needs To Learn Marketing

3-multichannel-marketing-lessons-from-the-UKs-Other-StoriesAs I see it, marketing is so pertinent, so basic to everyday life, that every student should be taught the subject. It’s right up there with Maths, English and How to rob a bank.

And I’m serious about that last one.

One reason we have such poor pass rates In schools, is that teachers and parents alike, don’t know how to market learning to kids. I’d have paid much more attention in class if someone had said “Max, these are the sort of skills that super agents and evil geniuses use to take over the world!”

Heck, I’d have become the national home-work champion!

You’ll be marketing yourself your whole life. It’s how you get that girl to marry you, how you get past the job interview or score a big promotion. It’s how you start a movement about something you care about, or get your kids to fall in love with homework.

And as a special bonus, You can even use it to sell products and services.

Fidel Castro Slept With 35000 Women..Share, Re-Tweet!

fidel_castro womenSo turns out Fidel Castro slept with more than thirty-five thousand women! Wow. No, i mean yuck!

Clearly the man had a problem in the lust department. I’m sure we all (men) feel very sorry for him – i mean who could want such a thing!

Poor guy.

But what if it had been only 3 or 4 women? Or even just 10?

Well, then i Wouldn’t be talking about it and if i was, you wouldn’t care. After all, no one cares about the ordinary, mundane stuff. its boring. forgettable.

So, did your marketing only sleep with 3 women?

If so, you won’t get anyone sharing or retweeting it. You’re just like everyone else.

But if you’re doing ‘Fidel Castro marketing’…

Anyway, just thinking.

How To Use These 2 Simple Words To Explode Your Marketing Results

How to GuideAlright, let’s get to it, let me show you a simple trick you can use to create far more effective adverts than almost any competitor.

Firstly though, did you know that in advertising and marketing in general, nothing has as big an impact on your results as your headline?

It’s true.

People read your headline before anything else and decide on that basis, whether or not to read further (just like you did with this article).

Now there are quite a few ways to improve your marketing message, and today I want to talk about a really simple, yet mind-blowingly powerful concept…summed up in just two words… Continue reading “How To Use These 2 Simple Words To Explode Your Marketing Results”

3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Social Media Marketing

3 important thingsOne of the main reasons entrepreneurs fail to make effective use of social media  is that it’s so new. The text books and vast majority of marketing courses  in Zimbabwe, just aren’t teaching this stuff. The result? A marketing degree/ certificate/ diploma without even a basic understanding of the single most important marketing medium in the world – Social Media.

Doesn’t make sense.

Now there’s a lot to learn if you’re going to be truly effective in social media and gather hundreds or thousands (or much more) of people who genuinely follow you (not just like you). However, there are 3 things that if you don’t understand anything else, you should at least understand these 3 things;

1) Social Media is for heretics. If your message is the same as your competitor’s, forget about social media. What you need to do is Continue reading “3 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know About Social Media Marketing”

Why Bother With Manchester United?

"proud of my team"
“proud of my team”

Consider a popular soccer team – say Manchester United (who also happen to be the best – yay!). Now supporters don’t share in the prize money, world fame, power and influence that the players enjoy. They have no share of endorsements nor do they ever even get to touch the trophy. So why bother? Why follow the brand to the ends of the earth? Continue reading “Why Bother With Manchester United?”

Tell Me A Story.



You know the story of the ‘three little pigs’ right? No one ever wonders if the 3 little pigs really did build those houses, or if the big bad wolf really was that bad, or even if he really could huff and puff a house down!

Why not?

Because as soon as you say “once upon a time”, I enter a world in which everything you say, no matter how crazy or amazing, is true. That’s the power of a good story, i don’t evaluate it with my conscious mind – I don’t even bother with logic half the time. A Story is a marketer’s best friend.

Now how can you use that for your business?

  • 1)     Pick a quality, a fact, a truth you want people to know about you.
  • 2)     Pretend you’re not allowed to use the word that defines that attribute. So no saying “high quality”, “excellent service”, “most affordable” etc
  • 3)     Ask – What does my market believe about how a ______ ‘your chosen attribute’___ would act/ look like, sound like etc

An example: Is yours the friendliest service in the world?

Then fill my head with stories of how friendly your staff are to customers. How Mary over at reception ended up married to one of your customers because they got a long so well. How Peter at the door has now knows over a hundred customers by name in a few short months. How the boss is not available at lunchtime because yet another customer has taken him out for lunch– 3rd time this week!

People can argue with facts, question them – but stories…unique, engaging stories that match my world view… I can never argue with.

And better than that, I remember stories, I forget facts. I feel stories, i just think facts. So tell me a story.