8 Questions To Answer Your For Your Marketing Strategy

marketing questions to answerPlanning a marketing strategy for your business? All good (effective) strategies are the result of asking and answering the right questions about your business, product and most importantly, your market. Not thinking through the questions below is often the reason for really weak and shallow marketing plans that fail to get results, don’t impress investors and ultimately waste resources.

Here are a few really important questions to ask yourself and your team – many of which your competitors have never asked themselves (that’s good news).

So in no particular order… Continue reading “8 Questions To Answer Your For Your Marketing Strategy”

"See Me Live – At Innvo8 Today!"

Lunch time today, I’m talking out an hour to speak at the Innov8 “Friday Lunch Motivation”. Whilst i rarely accept speaking engagements, i decided to do this one for several reasons

  1. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs become more effective marketers
  2. Who doesn’t love Milton Kamwendo and the important work he’s doing?

Anyway, i know it’s short notice but if you’re available at lunch time today, you can catch me live Continue reading “"See Me Live – At Innvo8 Today!"”

Business & Marketing: Strategic VS Tactical Thinking

Do You Have A Business Marketing Strategy?

Chess Game
Chess, the ultimate game of strategy

Heck, I know you want to answer yes, but do you really? If you’re like 99% of businesses out there, then you don’t – especially in Zimbabwean business.  The consequence is that you’re tactical in your approach to business. That means you’re episodic, random and uncoordinated about the way and the sequence of your marketing activities.

In fact, when I talk strategy to most entrepreneurs one thing is abundantly clear –

They don’t know the difference between strategy and tactics

Do you? Here’s why this is SUPER vital if you’re interested in more than just survival. Continue reading “Business & Marketing: Strategic VS Tactical Thinking”

Commodity Broking/ Trading Business Setup Kit

This kit is a collection of resources designed to handle the needs of any commodity broking or deal making business. There is a wide range of tools, so go through the list thoroughly. You’ll notice a comprehensive assortment of forms, templates, guides, checklists and business letters that will save you time and money starting up and setting up your brokering business.

Trading & Transactional Documents (over 30 forms, templates & guides) When managing a diverse portfolio of products and transactions across multiple scenarios, you’ll need the flexibility & efficiency of a well defined & designed set of ‘transaction management’ forms. With over 30 of them here, thoroughly designed and thought through, you’ll be ready to handle anything fast and easy. 

  • q Ordering
  • q Receiving
  • q Selling
  • q Shipping
  • q General

Logo and stationery design Kit. Enjoy the benefits of an attractive and credible brand Image working across all your stationery and communication pieces. It will inspire confidence in your business from partners, suppliers and customers. 

  • q Brand Logo design
  • q Printable Business Card design
  • q Printable Letterheads design
  • q Printable Compliment Slips design

Saved and formatted for you in all 7 major design formats allowing you flexibility and confidence in any scenario.

Business Website Design Get a website that will show case both your product range & your other services to potential millions. Your business website is the ideal communications tool for dealing with partners, suppliers and customers across town, suburbs and even countries as your trading opportunities expand. Good website design can also be a great credibility building tool, especially in your line of business. 

  • q Home Page
  • q About Us page
  • q Contact Us page
  • q Services page

Or choose our niche site option and get unlimited pages, password protected pages, free hosting & registration, search & comment capabilities, all for the same price.

Company Registration Get business registration quick and easy. Also choose from one of our available names or register a personalized company name of your choice.

Finance package. Never be caught unable to create or manage your finance info. Whether it’s budgets, cash flow, cash projections & financial planning etc. This comprehensive set of forms & templates already programmed with basic finance formulas, allows you to do all of this with greater ease than ever before.

Human Resources Management Package. No more confusion about how to hire, partner, recommend, terminate, manage, measure & motivate employees in your new startup. This package is your personal human resources assistant helping you get the job done with all kinds of templates and forms. You’ll easily put together a comprehensive human resources policy and procedures manual.

Sales And Marketing Package.  Now you can create, measure, plan and analyze your marketing, even without much previous skill or experience. Marketing is the life blood of your business and you’ll love the convenience of this package. Create marketing plans and marketing strategy that works.

Further Details

Delivery: Depending on your location and preference, you will receive your kit either on special personalized download link or on CD.

 Free back up service: We keep a copy of all your designs (brand and website). If you require these in future (lose or damaged your CDs). 

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