How To Do Irresistable Marketing For Zimbabweans

ImageOne of the biggest ‘competitive edge’ advantages you’ll ever gain in doing business in Zimbabwe is making it easier for your clients to say YES than it is for them to say NO. It’s called ‘being irresistible’ and it’s the easiest,
fastest and most profitable way to do marketing, get noticed and get paid in business.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, being irresistible should be a primary focus because when you’ve got Continue reading “How To Do Irresistable Marketing For Zimbabweans”

WARNING: Sex & Dangers of an Amazing Advert

I say this all the time, but I’ll say it again…if people think your advert is ‘amazing’, it’s a bad sign.

Your advert should never compete with your product for attention.

If people remember your advert then they will say, wow, what an amazing advert. “Look at those awesome graphics”, “what a clever way to say it” Continue reading “WARNING: Sex & Dangers of an Amazing Advert”