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In 2008 – 2009 Zimbabwe was going through crazy times, remember that? Seemed like Gideon Gono was the single most powerful man in the country and the livelihood of many hang in the balance with every move he made – everyone except of course, the Cash Barons.


It was during that time that i wrote the book Cash Baron Secrets. It’s not about politics, it’s about business – specifically how ‘ethical cash barons’ think, plan and earn and more importantly, how you, no matter how big or small you are, can use the FOUR leverage secrets that have turned many from Zero to hero.

Since then it’s been available for free and has been downloaded over 3000 times by Zimbabweans everywhere. I’ve received dozens of testimonials on how the book has helped both local and other entrepreneurs survive tough times and even thrive in the midst of chaos.

Well bad news – i’m now removing the book from the site in a few days! I’m making room for something else – so this is your last chance to download it 100% free if you want it.

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Business & Marketing: Strategic VS Tactical Thinking

Do You Have A Business Marketing Strategy?

Chess Game
Chess, the ultimate game of strategy

Heck, I know you want to answer yes, but do you really? If you’re like 99% of businesses out there, then you don’t – especially in Zimbabwean business.  The consequence is that you’re tactical in your approach to business. That means you’re episodic, random and uncoordinated about the way and the sequence of your marketing activities.

In fact, when I talk strategy to most entrepreneurs one thing is abundantly clear –

They don’t know the difference between strategy and tactics

Do you? Here’s why this is SUPER vital if you’re interested in more than just survival. Continue reading “Business & Marketing: Strategic VS Tactical Thinking”

Doing Business In Zimbabwe: The Four Secrets

With inflation in the Zillions, most Zimbabwean entrepreneurs have had enough. Are you one of them? Perhaps you’re thinking of leaving to ‘Harare North’ (UK).You’ve hit your head against the wall so many times, yet it doesn’t seem to break.

Well what If, instead of trying to break the wall down, you found the door? Not only that, but you also found the key?

If you’re interested I can show you both. The door is called leverage. And there are four keys that will open almost any business door you want. In my last Book “Cash Baron Secrets”, I’ve out lined these for you in a simple, easy to read, practical way.

You’ll see how;

1) I got a got a half page advert in the paper for free.

2) How I turned four hours of work into a 6 month ‘money saving stream’

3) How I got a timely cheque from an almost stranger, who didn’t like, or trust me – no begging necessary.

4) How I got a business to work 12 months to build a marketing opportunity for me, at their own expense without them even knowing it.

5) Lots more

The great thing about all these examples is that they’re from years ago…when I didn’t have a cent or a reputation. You’ll see exactly how I used leverage to survive and thrive where others were failing.

Download it here 100% free

I still leverage today. The higher inflation gets, the more relevant the keys become for any entrepreneur in these extraordinary times.

Max Soutter

I’m going to leave the book for free download for a few more days, then it will be removed from the site. So if you’d like to learn from a once ‘desperate cash baron’, then download it now.

talking about leverage, for a limited time, here’s how to start a business without money

Cash Baron Secrets

Struggling to make ends meet? Cant quite get business going?
Working on a seriously low budget? I’ve been there.

In my latest ebook “make Money Secrets of a Desperate Cash Baron” i’ll show you
some of the tactics i used in my startup days to make things happen.
I’m talking about

how i got adevertising with out paying
how i’ve gotten complete strangers to give me cheques
how i’ve leveraged other businesses with ease
and how i’ve put together failure proof marketing pieces

Most of the stories are from my very early days, but the
principles still work today – and even better.

After working with hundreds of businesses in almost 40 industries
i can tell you that the higher inflation in Zimbabwe (or anywhere) climbs,
the better these strategies work.

Dont be left out – you can download the book now, no cost and
no signup neccesary

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Money Secrets of A Master Cash Baron

Stop wasting time using low leverage, high risk, ‘hard work’ money making tactics – you dont have to. In my latest E-book, i’ll let you in on the underground, fast cash, big profit secrets that Cash Barons have long held secret. Reading this book will probably entertain you – doing what it says will put money in your pocket.

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