Start A Cleaning Company In Zimbabwe

Cleaning: Dirty Business That Pays

Have you considered investing in or starting a cleaning company in Zimbabwe?

This article will show you how to go about setting up your new business and give you a few ideas on how to make it successful.

It’s ‘dirty business’ but it’s got great potential for decent returns from a small investment and the cash flow can be very attractive as many clients require the service on a regularly reoccurring basis.

Listen, for as long as there are people in Zimbabwe, there will be dirt, and for as long as there is dirt, there will be need for cleaners. Few industries in Zimbabwe are as easy Continue reading “Start A Cleaning Company In Zimbabwe”

What Business Should I Start? How To Choose.

How to choose the right business
What business should i get into? Hmmm.

Some weeks I get to talk to between 10 and 20 entrepreneurs (on the phone), one on one, all at different stages of their business development. Usually, they’ve seen our Business Setup Kit brochure or want to register a company Inevitably there are going to be two or three people who really want to be in business, but don’t know which one. Are you in that position? Here’s my advice – just three points – but all very important.  Continue reading “What Business Should I Start? How To Choose.”

Business Questions Answered

Got questions on how to start or market your business in Zimbabwe?

I rarely get a chance to answer all the email questions I get – I can get really busy sometimes. Anyway, I took sometime out last night to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions that are not directly related to my products or services.

I haven’t gone industry specific as I would in a personal email so that the answers would be more generally useful. Here are answers to your questions.

1)     What If I Don’t Have Money to Start or Operate my Small Business? Continue reading “Business Questions Answered”

Word Of Mouth, Want Some?

There are a few questions your marketing needs to answer if it’s going to be successful.

cffd612f-9177-4aa6-9ee3-cc030dd5e115Questions like “Why should we buy from you instead of one of your competitors?” Why should we buy now instead of next week, next year or next never? What makes you so special? And so on. One of the less considered questions, yet just as important is this one…

“Why On Earth Should We Talk About You? Continue reading “Word Of Mouth, Want Some?”

Use Zimbabwe Newspapers To Steal Customers

It’s easy to steal customers in Zimbabwe. One way is with killer newspaper advertising.

To be clear, i’m not talking about killer LOOKING ads, i’m talking about money MAKING ads. For the next few days I’ll cover the strategies, tactics, mindset and insights needed to steal your markets attention with your advertising. (Customer Thief: Have you read the book?)

Effective advertising goes far beyond just placing a big ad in the Herald newspaper with lots of colour and a nice logo…I’m talking about the principles that get results. Once you learn the science of advertising – in Zimbabwe you can practically rule, I know, I’ve done it.

Firstly understand that the following is a list of principles – not short term techniques. That means it

  • Doesn’t matter where – Herald, Sunday Mail, Fingaz, Zimbabwean, Independent  or a magazine etc
  • Doesn’t matter whether you’re doing display or classifieds ad
  • Doesn’t matter what product or service – selling property, car sales, computer, cell phones, furniture, events management, consultancy, etc…once you know how – you know how.

So here we go, in no particular order 15 tips on creating winning newspaper ads in Zimbabwe…

1. Focus your time on developing a strong headline for your ad. The headline is the ad for your ad and has by far the greatest impact on your results. I typically write between 10 or 20 headlines before I settle on one. Don’t settle for the first thing that enters your head…it’s probably not nearly as smart as you think.

2. Capture attention and speak directly to the reader about something that’s important to him immediately in your headline. Forget what’s important to you, forget your logo and your company name…your focus now is completely on your prospect.

3. Once you headline has done it’s job (which is to attract the interest on the right reader), then focus your ‘body copy’ on presenting a compelling offer with as many benefits as you can afford to include (You’re being charged per-word).

7. To catch a prospect, think like him. It’s about what he want to know, not what you want to say. Benefits are what your prospect is most interested in…give him what he wants.

8. NEVER ever try to close the sale in a (short/small) classified ad. You’ll waste your money and get less response than you could’ve. Use the two-step formula for maximum results. Use your classified ad to find hot leads. When those leads contact you (via phone, email, whatever) that’s the time to go for the close. There are multiple reasons for this…trust me – it works.

9. Make it easy for people to contact you. This is especially important in Zimbabwe with cell phone networks as bad as they are. If they can call/email or visit…that’s the way to do it.

10. Write your ad as though you’re talking to one person. Have that person in your mind when you write. This makes your communication more personal, effective and it’s easier to build rapport.

11. Use simple design options to make your ad stand out. A double thick border, a different colour, a block on the headline…be creative without wasting money.

12 Use the F word. Offer something Free if possible. People respond to that like nothing else. A free report, info pack or even a free quotation – whatever.

13. Evaluate your competition. I’m amazed by how so many are content to pay and publish ads that look exactly like their competitors ads. Just go through the herald classifieds and look at the real estate/ computer or vehicles for sale section. It’s dumb – don’t duplicate your competitors…stand out. A better offer, a different design layout, a unique approach.

14. Forget grammar – delete words in classified ads. Edit your ads for unnecessary words that take up space and cost money without contributing to the marketing effort. ‘the’, ‘and’ etc. This isn’t an English exam, it’s a business exam.

15.  Choose your category or section carefully. This is worth very careful thinking and can often make a huge difference – especially in classifieds ads. If you’re wise, you’ll test different sections with the same ads and key the results.

There you have it, that’s it for today. Advertising works, if you work it. It’s probably the most used marketing tactic…yet one of the least understood. An ad that has been tested over time and maximized based on solid strategy and market feedback is worth gold to you. I’ve done my part…now do yours.

Tomorrow – 10 questions to ask before you write a single word of your advert. These questions are what make the difference between an amateur and a master customer thief.

Zimbabwe Newspapers: Bad News is Good News

Zimbabwean journalists aren’t interested in writing any Good news in the newspapers. They don’t look for it and i suspect, even if they found it, it wouldn’t make it into the paper. That said…there is A LOT of good news and business opportunities in the papers. Not intended, but it’s there – especially for businesses.

Shocking right?

Of course, to see it, you’ll have redefine what good and bad news really is for your business.You’ll have to learn to see the opportunities revealed in the bad news.

For instance if you read that businesses are closing down. Is that goodnews or bad? Depends.

  • Can i buy assets cheap from the business that just closed down?
  • Maybe that means less competition for me.
  • Can i find out why they closed and avoid the same mistake – free education
  • What if i can go after their experienced and qualified employees, that ordinarily maybe hard to find…
  • Or what if…i think you get the picture.

The point is businesses exist to solve problems. No problems, no opportunities and no businesses. Entrepreneurs, Businesses and institutions and even economies fail when they start to take bad news at face value. That’s when they become problem conscious. They start to blame MDC/ZANU PF, they blame their parents, their pastor etc. You’re not like that are you?

Here’s how i look at it

Bad news happens when needs arise. Good news happens when someone saw the need, ignored the negativity and turned it into an economically viable solution. You’ve got to decide how you’ll interpret the news around you. They’ll be lots of good, or bad depending on what you’re looking for.


p.s. Here’s an example. You want to start a business but you’ve got no money? Well if you’re creative and determined here’s how to turn that into good news!