3 Ways To Grow Your Business

Looking to grow your business? Expand your market share, increase profits and so on?

Truth is there are probably hundreds of learning options available to you. The internet, libraries and book stores are full of info on tactics you can use. Problem is, there’s so much of it out there it’s hard to make heads or tails of it. Consultants make a lot of money by complicating simple concepts – but grasping it is simpler than you may think

Actually there are just three ways to grow ANY business

  1. Get more customers.
  2. Get each client to buy more frequently
  3. Increase your profit off each sale.

Every startegy or tactic will fall into these 3 categories.  Simple right? Yet thinking of it this way allows you to see what you should be focused on.

For example, Should you be focused on bringing in more leads?

That’s the first place most businesses turn – yet it’s often the hardest and least profitable. It requires that you spend more marketing dollars to get the word out, which is always more expensive than just marketing to an already established customer base.

However if you’re a new business or you have a thin customer database, then you’ll want to attract new leads. In the customer theif you’ll learn how to do this faster, easier and more profitably – check out the draft version here – no fancy graphics, no grammar checks and a few missing chapters – yet already a few people have sent me testimonials – like this one

“…was surprised when my cousin emailed this to me. It definitely doesn’t look as ‘finished’ as Cash Baron Secrets, but the ideas in there have totally changed my business strategy. Within two days of using the info in there my advertising results in the Herald went by about 50% – thanks (looking forward to the final version” Kuda Moweni.

“This is tight Max, thanks. If i focus on these principles, i can easily increase my earnings with in the next 1 week.” Jason Kolani Muwenizani.

Of course , with in each of these 3 ways are hundreds of tactics and nuances. My advice… don’t use the same old tactics your industry is used to seeing. Borrow and steal ideas from other industries, companies and organisations.

If your industry is used to focusing on newspaper classifieds, maybe it’s time you tested an aggressive internet strategy? A referral program, cross-sale, up-sale, deap-sale, joint ventures, newspaper advertising, direct mail — i could go on and on.

Let me know how it’s going


P.S. You know the drill… Right click, save, read, make money.

Customer Thief Cover

You Can also download Cash Baron Secrets or even just read it online CLICK HERE

Use Zimbabwe Newspapers To Steal Customers

It’s easy to steal customers in Zimbabwe. One way is with killer newspaper advertising.

To be clear, i’m not talking about killer LOOKING ads, i’m talking about money MAKING ads. For the next few days I’ll cover the strategies, tactics, mindset and insights needed to steal your markets attention with your advertising. (Customer Thief: Have you read the book?)

Effective advertising goes far beyond just placing a big ad in the Herald newspaper with lots of colour and a nice logo…I’m talking about the principles that get results. Once you learn the science of advertising – in Zimbabwe you can practically rule, I know, I’ve done it.

Firstly understand that the following is a list of principles – not short term techniques. That means it

  • Doesn’t matter where – Herald, Sunday Mail, Fingaz, Zimbabwean, Independent  or a magazine etc
  • Doesn’t matter whether you’re doing display or classifieds ad
  • Doesn’t matter what product or service – selling property, car sales, computer, cell phones, furniture, events management, consultancy, etc…once you know how – you know how.

So here we go, in no particular order 15 tips on creating winning newspaper ads in Zimbabwe…

1. Focus your time on developing a strong headline for your ad. The headline is the ad for your ad and has by far the greatest impact on your results. I typically write between 10 or 20 headlines before I settle on one. Don’t settle for the first thing that enters your head…it’s probably not nearly as smart as you think.

2. Capture attention and speak directly to the reader about something that’s important to him immediately in your headline. Forget what’s important to you, forget your logo and your company name…your focus now is completely on your prospect.

3. Once you headline has done it’s job (which is to attract the interest on the right reader), then focus your ‘body copy’ on presenting a compelling offer with as many benefits as you can afford to include (You’re being charged per-word).

7. To catch a prospect, think like him. It’s about what he want to know, not what you want to say. Benefits are what your prospect is most interested in…give him what he wants.

8. NEVER ever try to close the sale in a (short/small) classified ad. You’ll waste your money and get less response than you could’ve. Use the two-step formula for maximum results. Use your classified ad to find hot leads. When those leads contact you (via phone, email, whatever) that’s the time to go for the close. There are multiple reasons for this…trust me – it works.

9. Make it easy for people to contact you. This is especially important in Zimbabwe with cell phone networks as bad as they are. If they can call/email or visit…that’s the way to do it.

10. Write your ad as though you’re talking to one person. Have that person in your mind when you write. This makes your communication more personal, effective and it’s easier to build rapport.

11. Use simple design options to make your ad stand out. A double thick border, a different colour, a block on the headline…be creative without wasting money.

12 Use the F word. Offer something Free if possible. People respond to that like nothing else. A free report, info pack or even a free quotation – whatever.

13. Evaluate your competition. I’m amazed by how so many are content to pay and publish ads that look exactly like their competitors ads. Just go through the herald classifieds and look at the real estate/ computer or vehicles for sale section. It’s dumb – don’t duplicate your competitors…stand out. A better offer, a different design layout, a unique approach.

14. Forget grammar – delete words in classified ads. Edit your ads for unnecessary words that take up space and cost money without contributing to the marketing effort. ‘the’, ‘and’ etc. This isn’t an English exam, it’s a business exam.

15.  Choose your category or section carefully. This is worth very careful thinking and can often make a huge difference – especially in classifieds ads. If you’re wise, you’ll test different sections with the same ads and key the results.

There you have it, that’s it for today. Advertising works, if you work it. It’s probably the most used marketing tactic…yet one of the least understood. An ad that has been tested over time and maximized based on solid strategy and market feedback is worth gold to you. I’ve done my part…now do yours.

Tomorrow – 10 questions to ask before you write a single word of your advert. These questions are what make the difference between an amateur and a master customer thief.

Zimbabwe Business: Business In Zimbabwe Standing Still

It’s true, business is standing still in Zimbabwe. Talk to any business owner and he’ll tell you how much money he’s owed – and how no one is paying up. You’re probably going through it yourself. There’s very little genuine economic activity taking place – and what a great opportunity for you!

Think about it.

When is the best time to overtake and make progress…when you competitors are running, or when they’re asleep? This is the time to gain market share… now that competitors are losing it. If you cant do that, then gain ‘mind share’ and if you can’t do that, then gain whatever kind of share you can!

Your choices are few. Either;

• Shrink back, fearful and discouraged
• Outsource your responsibility and response ability to others
by joining the blame game – Zanu PF, MDC, your parents,
pastor or whoever you want.
• Abandon your dreams of significance and contribution.
• Downsize your ambitions from greatness, to mere survival.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many and very good reasons to be discouraged and angry at political, business, church, education leaders. There are good reasons to become fearful of the present and lose hope for the future – to become selfish and self centric…but don’t.

Put to work these invisible forces of good in your life and business. Demand more from life – your skills, talents, opportunities time & every resource. Demand that the doors of possibility and prosperity be opened to you. Refuse to accept limitations and achieve your goals in 2009… no matter what.

Faith and hope are the very core of the entrepreneurial spirit. Selflessness and service are the backbone of the entrepreneurs business. Without these, you’re a victim, a weakling, a mediocre man or woman.

I truly believe that this is the best time to be pressing in to achieve business success – even in Zimbabwe. Don’t wait for circumstances to support you, let them catch up. You can beat your biggest and most fierce competitors by being bigger in spirit. While they complain, wait and procrastinate you move forward. You can gain incredible advantages that aren’t available in easier times. While they’re business is standing still, you’re moving forward.


Max Soutter

It all comes down to knowing how to turn bad news into good news and finding the opportunities hidden in problems…see that post here.

Why Start A Business In Zimbabwe

Here’s a question i received just the other day.

Mr Soutter, thank you for the Cash Baron secrets, very good read. However after going through it, i realised that these were universal principles and can work anywhere, my questions to is…

with everything thats happening economically and politically, why should i bother starting a business in Zimbabwe? Oscar P.


Are you asking the same question? There are alot of good answers to it, but today i’ll give you two that i dont usually give.

1) World Cup 2010 is in South Africa. Guess which is country is right next door to SA? Guess which country ‘shares’ one of the 7 wonders of the world with SA? WIth literally billions of dollarsbeing spent and to be made between now and 2010, you should be thinking seriousy about how to get in on the action. I’ll speaking more about this in weaks to come, and showing you how to take advantage of what’s happening.

2) Guess which country has had the highest/ best performning stock in the last 12 months? Whichever way you look at it, Zimbabwe’s in the top 5. Now consider the global economic problems and tell if that doesnt make Zim attractive. With Giants in USA dropping like flies, this is a great opportunity for you to diversify ‘out of the box’ and think Zim.

3) Robert Kiyosaki. I’m not big into overestimating what the ‘Gurus’ say, buy Even Rich Dad’s legend son recently confessed that Zimbabwe is where it’s at. Pay attention.

4) It’s still ridiculously cheap and to start meaningful businesses in Zimbabwe compared to other parts of the world. In a year or so, Government will start waking up to the business opportunities they control and start putting further and more dificult hurdles in your way. Dont wait. Dont procrastinate yourself out of an opportunity.

There you go, thats some food for thought. If you’re serious about getting ahead and seizing opportunities not yet flooded, then you need to ‘Think Zimbabwe’. After you’d though for a moment or two… ACT.

What other reasons can you think of to start a Zim business?

Max Soutter