The 3 Things Your New Business Absolutely Must Have

There are so many things a business needs to for it to operate optimally, but not everything matters equally. One of the main reasons new businesses die, or remain small forever, is because start up entrepreneurs focus on all the wrong things. Do you know what really matters for a new business? Are you crystal clear on what your new business MUST have on day one?

It’s a surprisingly simple list. However, the way you manage around these three simple things, will make all the difference in your business – not just today, but for years to come.

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Doing Business In Zimbabwe: The Four Secrets

With inflation in the Zillions, most Zimbabwean entrepreneurs have had enough. Are you one of them? Perhaps you’re thinking of leaving to ‘Harare North’ (UK).You’ve hit your head against the wall so many times, yet it doesn’t seem to break.

Well what If, instead of trying to break the wall down, you found the door? Not only that, but you also found the key?

If you’re interested I can show you both. The door is called leverage. And there are four keys that will open almost any business door you want. In my last Book “Cash Baron Secrets”, I’ve out lined these for you in a simple, easy to read, practical way.

You’ll see how;

1) I got a got a half page advert in the paper for free.

2) How I turned four hours of work into a 6 month ‘money saving stream’

3) How I got a timely cheque from an almost stranger, who didn’t like, or trust me – no begging necessary.

4) How I got a business to work 12 months to build a marketing opportunity for me, at their own expense without them even knowing it.

5) Lots more

The great thing about all these examples is that they’re from years ago…when I didn’t have a cent or a reputation. You’ll see exactly how I used leverage to survive and thrive where others were failing.

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I still leverage today. The higher inflation gets, the more relevant the keys become for any entrepreneur in these extraordinary times.

Max Soutter

I’m going to leave the book for free download for a few more days, then it will be removed from the site. So if you’d like to learn from a once ‘desperate cash baron’, then download it now.

talking about leverage, for a limited time, here’s how to start a business without money

Money Secrets of A Master Cash Baron

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