Before You Talk to Investors…3 Questions


There are 3 questions that, if you fail to answer for an investor are almost certainly the end of your presentation. Sadly most start ups are in such a rush to meet the money people that they complete forget or neglect these vital questions.

If you’re looking to present your idea or business plan to a decision maker, make sure you can answer these. The more revolutionary your idea, the money you’re asking for – the more important these questions will be – 3 Questions To Answer For Investors

How to Write a Business Plan for Your Zimbabwe Business.

writing business planIf you’re in business, you have to plan for success. You know the old saying, “to fail to plan is to plan to fail.” And of-course, if you’re actually serious about implementing your plan, you’re going to write it down. Any business plan not worth writing down is not worth acting on. On the other hand, just because you’ve written down a plan, doesn’t mean it’s a good one – or that it’ll convince the bank.

In this post:

  • The two kinds of business plans – most business people only know about one (and suffer for it).
  • What you absolutely need to know about how to write a business plan that succeeds. If your plan lacks these, you’ll never get a cent from investors.
  • The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when they hire a business consultant to write your business plan. Continue reading “How to Write a Business Plan for Your Zimbabwe Business.”