Zimbabwe Business Plan

Surviving and thriving in Zimbabwe isn’t impossible. Challenging – yes. Impossible – No. It does however call for ideas and strategies beyond the scope of most academic and business textbooks. You’ll need “extraordinary measures in extraordinary times” – just ask Governor, Gideon Gono. It’s in his new book.

 An example of extraordinary measures is the Zimbabwean Business plan. If done well, it will include a number of considerations that you wont find in any generic business plan template. Whether for investors, partners or yourself, answers to these questions could make or break your Zim biz.

 Every Zimbabwean business plan should consider:

1) If you can’t charge in a stable currency, how do you intend to maintain the value of your money? (barter trades, a quick cash to asset conversion, stocks and shares etc)

2) If your business is not a cash cow, for example high priced goods, how will you meet the daily cash requirements for your business? (Can you change the shape and form in which your payments are made? How creative can you be with suppliers and payment schedules? What fast moving related (or not) products can you sell to keep cash flowing? etc)

 Another example of this is the obvious need to setup multiple bank accounts. If you have 10 employees, each should have a bank account with 5 banks. Same goes for the Directors and the business itself. Also, develop a ‘Withdrawal strategy. How can you get employees paid without the downtime?

3) Territorial defense against imports. Remember what happened to Delta? They lost mega market share because they weren’t ready for the competition from imported brands. Are you? If your competition from SA (and beyond) come round, can you survive? What’s your game plan? Don’t procrastinate on your strategy.

4) Shorten Your Time Frames. What would conventionally be considered medium term planning overseas, would Long term here. The environment is a little more volatile, and dynamics change a lot faster. Your plan needs to be more fluid or flexible. Surviving and succeeding today is more of a factor here than it is in most places. Take this into consideration.

5) Recruitment and replace plan. We have one of the fastest employee turnover rates in the world. Acknowledge this and plan for it. How can you keep employees longer? If you lose one do you have a plan for quick replacement? Flexi-packages and employee policies could prove useful. .

Is this list complete? No, it’s just to stimulate your thinking. It’s meant to empower and inspire you to be practical and unconventional. Zim biz can work, just not in the same way as elsewhere. For Zim business, throw away the Cambridge text book!

Yours for smarter business


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No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

Really? Must be my imagination then… I keep seeing them everywhere. All you need do is open your eyes and think a little outside your box.

We have one of the 7 wonders of the world– it’s proven to attract millions of visitors a year. The factors keeping those millions away wont last forever. Or better yet, maybe you should just wait until the opportunity becomes obvious to the whole world?

Enough natural resources to make everyone in this tiny country filthy rich. Put your thinking cap on. Make some calls, do some research. Are you the one to take advantage of these resources? Someone has to. And someone will.

Small country, nationwide media. For example, whatever you’re selling – your marketing can literally reach the whole nation with a relatively (by comparison) small budget through national media. 2 or 3 newspapers. There’s just one TV channel to worry about. National media coverage costs less than ‘community coverage in the first world!

Where else can you hire someone for less than a dollar a month?A skilled person. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is happening. Offer half decent salaries and you’d have some of the best employees the country has to offer.

Innovation is easy.A third world country with a educated and literate population (including diaspora). Basic technologies and facilities are not available. Whole industries almost don’t exist. What, you’d rather try to innovate in the first world, where your best idea was probably already done about 5 years ago? Where you’re competing with mega businesses? Where innovation is a way of life?

Half the population in the Diaspora.Setup partnerships both ways. If your business has potential, talk to your brother in the UK. 200 pounds may not be a a really big deal. In Zim, that could cover salaries for 5 – 10 people! You’d have a bigger advertising budget than most BANKS. If you’re living overseas, you’ve got no excuse.

So easy to gain a competitive advantage.Imagine a place where something as simple as high speed internet can be a competitive advantage? Where really understanding strategy and marketing (direct response) is like understanding magic. Where having a Paypal account makes you the only person who can buy products/services from the internet? Where having the right accent is taken as being educated?

Come on. I could go on, but that’s enough ranting for one day.

Or you can focus on the politics. Put your hope in Gideon Gono, Morgan Tsvangirai, Zanu PF – none of these people will make you rich. Trusting in politicians almost guarantees failure. Trusting in the media, no matter which one will DEFINITELY disadvantage you.

It may not be easy, the challenges are real, very. But so are the opportunities. Be unconventional. Be a positive leader. Be smart. Be quick. Be unselfish and bold. No one except God will hand success to you. And even then, you’ll still have to take it.

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Zimbabwe Christmas: My business advantage

Cruelty towards competitors…? Is that allowed? Well you may be charged with that crime if you take advantage of this easy opportunity.

Businesses in Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK and everywhere tend to do the same thing around about this time…they shut down. From about the 15th of Dec til the 15th of Jan many businesses, business owners and key employees go on holiday. That represents a fantastic opportunity for you…

here’s why.

With all your competitors shut down for 2-3 or more weeks, that leaves you in that time as the only voice in your market place. The only person open to do business with. The only solution for a desperate need in your market.

It’s a great time to target hard to get accounts. to gain a little more market share, to become a little more influencial. Whatever.

If i were you, i wouldnt shut down this Christmas. Or atleast, not for more than a day or two. If you really want an ‘unfair advantage’ that is. Instead devise ways to communicate to your market during this time. Tell them why you’re the most reliable, cost effective, highest quality – whatever.

Alternatively you could just take two or three weeks off and start from scratch in January…in which case you dont want to be my competitor this Christmas.

What would you rather have for Christmas – a stomach full of rice, chicken and hangover? Or a mega head start on your competition?

Max Soutter

p.s. Hey, I’m not saying don’t celebrate Christmas, I’m saying celebrate it by gaining a real life only once a year advantage! I welcome your thoughts.

Starting a Business: Checklist

Here are a few things to remember when starting a business and how the Bizsetup kit can help you.

Analyze your business idea by doing a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis. (Bizsetup Kit: Get strategy templates and guides to help you along the process)

Get a professional brand designed. Go for a credible, professionally done look – not artistic expression. Your brand should be then be applied to your stationery designs and all future communication your business has with anyone. (Business setup Kit: Comes with pre-designed or custom designed brands by highly skilled and experienced designers, marketers and researchers)

Decide on your business location. Having an office (even a home office) can be a great credibility and convenience advantage for your business. (Bizsetup Kit: We’ll setup an Office Host facility for you in a prime town location. Giving you access to a receptionist, boardroom, office, computer, printer etc – all on a as you need basis. That means you can start going instantly with an office and staff support.)

Identify your competitors.

TIP: Go through the newspapers and look at their adverts, call a few and pose as a potential business. What are they doing well? What mistakes are they making? What offers are they making in their advertising? How can you be profitably different?

Develop a marketing plan. Formulate a strategy on how you’ll penetrate your market place. Start with the 5 Ps

  • a) Product – what are you really selling, what’s your offering? Define it the way your customer thinks of it.
  • b) Promotion – how will you let people know of your products? Newspaper advertising, website, fliers and brochures, email marketing, SMS marketing etc
  • c) Place – Where are you selling from. For example you can sell a slice of cake from a Hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, mobile service etc
  • d) Price – how will you charge. Note: you don’t have to be the cheapest unless that’s really the best strategy for. Many Zimbabwean Businesses do well by being the most expensive – especially in the Service industry.
  • e) Positioning – How you present yourself to your market. Your brand personality or character. Who and how do your want to be though of as. This is a combination of projected values, communication strategy and actual delivery.

Create your business (register your name, incorporate the business, etc.) (Bizsetup Kit: Along with your registration, get a set of free transaction and financial management templates to get you going from day one)

TIP: Avoid a shelf name a much as possible. Rather take the time to register a name that either indicates what you do, how you do it differently or the values of your business. For example “Business Setup Group” informs you almost immediately what we’re involved in. This makes brand building both easier and cheaper. Find our Business Name Guide on http://www.bizsetup.wordpress.com

Build a web site. There are many reasons for this, especially early on in your business. It’s one of the most strategic, effective and flexible an affordable means of communicating your business to potential clients and partners, both locally and internationally.

Tip: You may not need a massive and expensive website like big corporate. Get a mini site instead. It will act as an online brochure with many uses. Call us (011 661 853 for more info)

Set-up corporate e-mail accounts

Get business cards, letterheads and compliment slips if necessary. Don’t communicate like an amateur, do it professionally. Having a proper

Team Building. How will you attract, recruit, manage, motivate and transact with the people you need on your team? Be sure to manage your staff professionally from day one, to ensure high performance. (Bizsetup: We’ll provide you with ready made templates, guides and forms to help you do all this and more. All the hard work – systems, templates and policies, already done for you.)

Actually the Business Setup Kit helps you do all this very fast and effectively – even if you haven’t before. It’s the only package of it’s kind in the country. For more info,

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How To Name Your Company

Most entrepreneurs is Zimbabwe have no idea of how important a name is to the business. This is illustrated by all the silly, irrelevant sounding shelf companies that are bought daily. Of course, if all you’re doing is burning money all day, then it really doesn’t matter. If on the other hand, you’re part of that rare breed that thinks beyond today…here are a few tips to consider.

“Stay away from Shelf Companies”

How important is your business name? Well think about this – Do you think the biggest and most successful brands in Zimbabwe (or the World) came from shelf companies? Econet, Kingdom Bank, Chicken Inn, Mr. Juicy, Old Mutual – do you really think these are shelf companies? Nope.

As a new business owner you are responsible for the development of your brand. The job of your company name is to communicate to your market place. It’s part of your marketing strategy.

Can you imagine a soft drink called “Techiefredy Investments” or a bank called ‘Tendai Jason Moyo Bank’. How about Mindfret Restaurant?

That’s how most shelf companies sound. They never make sense at all and can take away from the professionalism you want to communicate. If you’re serious with your business – take the time to choose a name that communicates to your market. Here are some ideas

1) Associate it with the product/service – example Chicken Inn, Unforgettable Events, Agri-Bank, Business Setup Group.

2) Make it easy to remember – Chicken Licken, Burger King, King Pie, OK.

3) Link it to an already strong brand (if you have one) ie Oprah Magazine is linked to Oprah, Virgin Airlines is linked to the rest of Virgin.

4) Avoid abstract names like Coca-cola, Kodak, IBM. If you use one of these, you’ll have to spend a lot of money (like they do) to associate your brand with your product/service or offering. If you don’t have a similar budget, forget it.

There are many more approaches to consider but the point is this – your name is the beginning of your branding process, don’t take it lightly. A good name can make it easy for you to be memorable and believable.

Ultimately though, your name is just step one in the process. After that, you’ll have to educate your market on what you do and stand for. This is of utmost importance to you as an entrepreneur. Ingrain your name, service, unique advantage in the minds of your market.

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Cash Baron Secrets

Download Cash Baron Secrets FREE
Download Cash Baron Secrets FREE

Struggling to make ends meet? Cant quite get business going?

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Max Soutter

Why Start A Business In Zimbabwe

Here’s a question i received just the other day.

Mr Soutter, thank you for the Cash Baron secrets, very good read. However after going through it, i realised that these were universal principles and can work anywhere, my questions to is…

with everything thats happening economically and politically, why should i bother starting a business in Zimbabwe? Oscar P.


Are you asking the same question? There are alot of good answers to it, but today i’ll give you two that i dont usually give.

1) World Cup 2010 is in South Africa. Guess which is country is right next door to SA? Guess which country ‘shares’ one of the 7 wonders of the world with SA? WIth literally billions of dollarsbeing spent and to be made between now and 2010, you should be thinking seriousy about how to get in on the action. I’ll speaking more about this in weaks to come, and showing you how to take advantage of what’s happening.

2) Guess which country has had the highest/ best performning stock in the last 12 months? Whichever way you look at it, Zimbabwe’s in the top 5. Now consider the global economic problems and tell if that doesnt make Zim attractive. With Giants in USA dropping like flies, this is a great opportunity for you to diversify ‘out of the box’ and think Zim.

3) Robert Kiyosaki. I’m not big into overestimating what the ‘Gurus’ say, buy Even Rich Dad’s legend son recently confessed that Zimbabwe is where it’s at. Pay attention.

4) It’s still ridiculously cheap and to start meaningful businesses in Zimbabwe compared to other parts of the world. In a year or so, Government will start waking up to the business opportunities they control and start putting further and more dificult hurdles in your way. Dont wait. Dont procrastinate yourself out of an opportunity.

There you go, thats some food for thought. If you’re serious about getting ahead and seizing opportunities not yet flooded, then you need to ‘Think Zimbabwe’. After you’d though for a moment or two… ACT.

What other reasons can you think of to start a Zim business?

Max Soutter

Cash Baron Secrets

Struggling to make ends meet? Cant quite get business going?
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