How To Not Commit Suicide After Business Failure

failureThey say failure teaches more than success, and maybe that’s true (Tom Cruise disagrees).  What is certainly true though is that there is a way to fail, and a way not to.

I’ve personally learnt quite a bit from my failures, things i thought i already knew, but didn’t really. Two main lessons stand out…

  1. Failure is not to be feared
  2. Don’t commit suicide when you do.

Failure is not to be feared. 

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WARNING:Read This BEFORE You Join Any Network Marketing Company in Zimbabwe

warning challenges aheadSo why are so many Zimbabweans struggling to make money with Network marketing? Are they all lazy? did they join too late? Were they scammed?

No…it’s more than that. You see MLM when done right is a genuine and fantastic opportunity, but you have to know how to avoid the mistakes others have made.


When we did the research, we discovered 3 reasons people fail – reasons that are very specific to the Zimbabwean network marketing environment. I’ve put it all together for you in a short report.

In it, you’ll discover

  • 3 Reasons why (despite the hype), why so many Zimbabweans just aren’t making money in network marketing
  • How to choose a network marketing company that will work for you
  • Why i have rejected every invite to join all the popular network marketing opportunities, except one


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How To Sell Carrots (Zimbabwean Rasta)

It’s not everyday you come across a vendor that draws a crowd and gets people pulling out their phone cameras. This particular Rasta Carrot seller does just that. Of you don’t speak Shona, you won’t understand a word, but this guys strategy has made him Zimbabwe’s most famous vendor!


Experiment: Are People willing to Pay To Reduce Other Peoples Income?

people and moneyWould people pay to reduce other people’s income? This was the question researchers set out to answer in a study published In the French Annales d’Economie et de Statistique. The answer shocked them; a rare glimpse into the nature of both people and wealth.

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Why You Absolutely Have To Read My First Sentence

Headlines make all the difference

Once you read my first sentence, you’re off on a journey to discovering one of the most important things you’ll ever learn about marketing. So important in fact that many an expert has claimed this one secret alone can be responsible for as much as 80% of your marketing success sometimes.  Personally, i consider it the second most important thing.

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Do I need a business plan to register my business in Zimbabwe?

Question – Do I require a business plan or project proposal to register my company?

The definite and simple answer is NO. You are not required to supply a business plan of any kind in order to formalize your business with the registrar of Zimbabwe.

The actual requirements are very simple. Any consultant asking for a project proposal in order to register your business is either wanting to steal your ideas, or else just doesn’t know what they are doing.

Here’s what else you don’t need, and here’s an easy online form to get started with registering.

Africans At Home And In The Diaspora, Let’s Form Voltron!


Africa has a gold mine, a hidden treasure in the tool called collaboration. On the one hand we have so many African brothers and sisters living in the diaspora, missing home and desperate to find profitable and meaningful ways to reconnect with Africa. On the other hand there are those who have remained home, weathered incredible storms and survived great challenges, yet could use some help to start and grow something significant in their home country. With two different sets of strengths, skills and perspectives, Isn’t it time, these two groups had a real conversation about how to form Voltron?

Whose Voltron?

Voltron is a cartoon I used to watch as a kid. Most Zimbabweans anywhere close to my age would know him. He was the defender of the universe against evil monster robots intent on destroying civilization. Five robot lions, all different colors (races?), would fight individually to defend the land they loved. They were strong, intelligent and bold – all heroes, but sometimes, many times that was not enough.

So they formed Voltron.

By combing their strengths to form on giant robot, these 5 lions become far more powerful than either could ever be alone. In this way, they defeated even their greatest and most fierce enemies.

Africa too has great monsters to fight. Chief among them is poverty I think. Yet, with lions at home, and lions in the diaspora we can form Voltron to defeat them.

My friend, Bruce Tendai Mubayiwa and his team from Homecomingrevolution are doing important work in this regard. They’re committed to inspiring Africans In the diaspora to return home. Not to nothing, but to a land full of opportunity. Not to waste away but to prosper and help rebuild the continent.

It’s hot off the press from their Homecoming Revolution blog, so I thought I’d share with you, his thoughts on the subject…here’s Bruce, unedited…

“There has never been a more exciting time for collaboration between those at home and those in the Diaspora. Those in the diaspora have the experience and skills gained from different parts of the world. They have a different view about things at home which can come in very handy.

Those at home have unique insights into the socio-economic and political developments, evolution and structures. They are on the ground. They know what’s going on. It is one thing to read about a country in the media. It is another to be in the country. Those at home live it and experience it. They have seen the transitions in the economy, the politics, the country.

Those at home and in the diaspora make a formidable combination. They have a symbiotic relationship. They need each other. Those in the diaspora can’t make a difference at home without people on the ground at home. Those at home can’t advance their cause without their brothers and sisters in the diaspora. Both groups are very important. The result of their collaboration is far greater than the sum of their individual efforts in isolation. Sons and Daughters of Africa at home and in the Diaspora, let’s explore synergies every single day!

The advances in technology and social media mean that we can collaborate from different parts of the world at any time of the day. Let’s take full advantage of this. Twitter just needs 140 characters. Could it be too much to ask to write 140 characters. If you need something more formal and businesslike then how about LinkedIn, the largest professional network. Then there is Facebook which I am using write now. These are just a few of the tools, so many to consider BBM, WhatsApp, Viber – we are truly spoilt for choice and of course good old email! There are really no excuses ladies and gentlemen when it comes to communication.

To overcome the challenges in Africa, we need all hands on deck. The great Kwame Nkrumah once said, “I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me”.

If you connect with Africa, if you love Africa, if you feel Africa is in your blood reach out to others. Let’s build this great continent. Let’s create a legacy that our children and their children can be proud of. We can do this. We have the power. Wherever we are Let’s Connect, Collaborate, Conquer! It is indeed possible for Africa to Conquer its fears, problems and challenges through the Connection and Collaboration of those at home and in the Diaspora.

Homecoming Revolution’s Africa Expo in London on 15 and 16 March will showcase the opportunities on the continent. It’s an opportunity to Connect, Collaborate and Conquer. Homecoming Revolution Africa will be hosting over 26 top companies at their London Expo this weekend in an attempt to woo top diaspora professionals home. These include Barclays Africa, Standard Bank Group, KPMG Africa, Diageo, Ecobank, Africa Health Placements, Chicken Republic, Globacom, Group Five and Deloitte.

Social media: Helpful vs Hypeful

I’m often asked how to really make social media work. How to turn the opportunity into something of genuine value for a business.

Listen carefully…

The real key to social media strategy is to be helpful, not hype-ful. Relevant, not irreverent. Design your marketing to make a contribution, not simply a controversy.

You can get a lot of likes doing all sorts of things online, but the smart marketer must see beyond likes. He must see a person, who needs his help, and whose problem he is willing to care about.