2012…Is it Really Over? Phew!

Not by might...
Not by might…

Just a little while longer and ‘The Year From Hell’ will be over! Well that’s at least how a couple of people I know would describe it. I was close to that too. I’ll admit, on ‘Wonderfulness-Of-Life-Ometer’, this has not been one of my best – not even close.

In 2012, I made more mistakes, failed in more ways than probably any year I’ve had since 1996 when I spent every waking moment playing video games and wondering why I didn’t make progress! Never was a year so full of heart breaks, secret tears, sleepless nights, unproductive days and reoccurring failures as was 2012 for me. A lot of really heart breaking experiences and all for one mega important lesson.

A lesson so important that it’s Continue reading “2012…Is it Really Over? Phew!”

Shhh, Just Don’t Mention Jesus!

Jesus, Jesus, GEEEZZUUUSSSS! You can make a lot of people uncomfortable with that name. It’s a funny thing. Not ‘God’ though. No one really minds you talking about God. ‘God’ is a generic term for your ‘Higher power’ whatever or whomever He may be. He’s the man upstairs, the creator, the big cheese, ‘the force’. Talk about God all you want, and 99% of the religious world and self-help movement, will agree with almost anything you say. Unless you’re around Continue reading “Shhh, Just Don’t Mention Jesus!”