Back In Zimbabwe After Years in the Diaspora? Here’s 6 Ways To Switch On Your Local Business Brain!


i love zimbabweIf you’ve been away in South Africa, UK, USA – anywhere in the Diaspora for  years, one of the challenges you’re going to face is readjusting to how business works here in Zimbabwe. You may also find it a little challenging to identify or evaluate business ideas or in meeting people who could answer questions or prove useful. As this is a topic i get a lot of questions on, I thought today, i would give you a few suggestions on how to get your Zimbo on…If you know anyone in that position, do share this post with them

1) Don’t Just Sit There, Go somewhere!

If you’re going to find business ideas and opportunities after years away

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How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Viable Business

Turn your hobby into a business
Turn your hobby into a business

Do you have a hobby you simply love? Knitting, cooking, baking, Fishing, Hunting, talking – whatever? Sure you do. Well how would you like to get paid for doing that?

If yes, then here is how to go about it

Step One: Find out who gets paid for this, why and how. For example, if your hobby is cooking, do you know who gets paid to cook? What types of businesses are making money from that? Lets see;

Starting A Pre-School or Nursery School In Zimbabwe

how would your pre-school look?
how would your pre-school look?

Starting a pre-school or nursery school (also known as day care centre) in Zimbabwe, is potentially a very profitable business. Plus if you’re looking for a business you can start without spending a lot of money, this is a potentially great business opportunity for you.

Schools in Zimbabwe, pre-schools included can hardly keep up with the demand of having to cater for all the parents and their children in need of education – so it’s a genuine opportunity, and one of the easiest to take advantage of.

A few things to consider when starting a nursery school business…

  1. If you already own a house (or if your present landlord is willing) there is more money to be made from most homes by turning them into pre-schools than by simply renting them out. In some cases, many times more.
  2. There are special permissions or license you will need to be aware of. In most cases, your property will need inspecting so as to determine if it is Child friendly and safe and how many kids you are allowed to accommodate on the property.
  3. Design your school and your business around a specific market segment. As with any school, parents are on budgets that may differ drastically. The market segment you’re going for will determine who you hire, what facilities you include and how you market yourself.

If starting a day care centre, or pre-school for children in Zimbabwe is something you’re serious about, and you want to do it right, then do get in touch. We can help you with key aspects of the set up process to make it easier, faster and more profitable for you. 
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Content…Huge Opportunity

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
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I’ve been saying it for over a year now, but it’s more and more true by the day… content is a massive opportunity in Zimbabwe. The internet has seen incredible growth in the last 2 years, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus) is dominating the way we spend time online.

What are all these people doing on Facebook?

Looking to connect to people (even brands) that have the content they’re attracted to. Unique, interesting, useful content that’s relevant. be the one providing this content to your market, and you start to develop a community of people around you – Fans and friends whose recommendations and referrals (or lack of) will soon mean the difference between success and failure for many businesses in Zimbabwe.

A lot of people talk about how Zimbabwe has great opportunities, “we should position ourselves for what’s coming”. Most people saying that have no idea what they’re talking about or how to position themselves. I’ve just told you how.


Start a blog, a brand page, a fan page – something, and sell as little as possible. Instead use it to deliver high quality, relevant content to your community.

I’ll be providing more content about this, stay tuned.

Forever Living In Zimbabwe – A Good Business Opportunity?

If you’ve wondered if selling Forever Living products is for you or if you could succeed at Network marketing, then this post is for you.

Max, “What kind of business can I start in Zimbabwe?”

It’s one of the business questions I get almost daily. “And what if I only have a start-up budget of $1000? Or $500? Or $300?” Throughout 2011 I’ve offered a few answers, and usually I make it clear that no industry guarantees success…it comes down to a few factors, not least of which is your marketing. Today though I want to show you what I believe is one of the best small business opportunities available in Zimbabwe and how to get in while there’s still money to be made!

Forever Living Products – Network Marketing

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How to find Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe

What are the best business opportunities in Zimbabwe right now? It’s a question I’m asked almost every week. There are at least 3 answers – equally accurate, but not equally useful.

The first is a template response, which will basically list for you the most commonly known business opportunity areas in Zimbabwe.
Mining for example – Gold, Chrome, diamonds etc.

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Mining is a golden opportunity in Zimbabwe for entrepreneurs and investors – but you already knew that right?

Problem is, Mining is only an opportunity for you is you have money, a lot of it to get started. It’s capital intensive to identify, purchase then actually dig and eventually profit from what you find in mining.

A good many Zimbabweans joined the ‘gold rush’ (or diamond rush) and bought mines in a hurry, only to find that they couldn’t afford to dig. Eventually, many are forced to sell it off to someone with the capital, often time, without much (any) profit from the whole transaction.

Answer number two is more useful to you…but no one wants to hear it, because it’s work. The worst kind. It’s the kind of work men fear most, involving the use of the brain, not the hands!

How do you find a business opportunity in Zimbabwe? My best answer is that ‘it depends’.

English: A map showing the spread of the 2008 ...
English: A map showing the spread of the 2008 Zimbabwe cholera outbreak (affected areas shown in orange) – combined evidence from United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian AffairsAlertnet and Relief Web. Primary Source:WHO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Depends who you are. An opportunity for you may not be one for you.
  • Depends what you have. You may not have the access or the assets to take advantage of the same opportunities as I do.
  • Depends what and who you know.

If that sounds like I’m answering a question with a question, it’s because I am. The question of what are the best business opportunities in Zimbabwe is best answered by the question

‘Whose asking?’

If you force my hand though, I’ll give you another answer though. A simple formula for finding any opportunity anywhere.

Ask yourself these 3 questions

  1. What do people In Zimbabwe want That I Can supply competitively? Don’t ask what do people need, because we don’t always buy what we need, we buy what we want. Many Zimbabweans spend more on entertainment than they do on many things you may think they need (education and self-improvement, Health matters, home maintenance etc).
  2. What are Zimbabwean businesses selling and can I help them sell better or can I out sell them? This is great if you’re the really entrepreneurial type and understand the power of marketing. To find out what people are selling, buy a week’s worth of newspapers and look for trends. What products are advertised the most. What kind of ads? What are they saying. I’ll go deeper into this another time.
  3. What do people want that they can’t get a satisfactory solution to right now? If you can find this, you’ve found a golden opportunity. It’s means that you’ve acknowledged the presence of competition, but that you may be able to offer a better solution.

That’s it, well not quite…there is another option for finding business opportunities in Zimbabwe…

Let Me Find Business Opportunities FOR You!

If you’re interested in a more risk free and ‘real world’ answer to the question of business opportunity, I have another answer for you. It’s reliable and pretty easy (no real work involved on your part). It’s a unique method that will uncover the specific and actionable opportunities you’re probably after. It’ll cost you $180, but well worth it for the right person. If that sounds like too much to pay for good information, you’re almost certainly wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the opportunities if i gave them to you free.

If you’re interested, let me know, I’ll tell you how it works.

Prophets Get Paid More: Why Strive Masiyiwa Earns More Money Than You

Prophets get paid more than historians. In Zimbabwe, as in many places, offices and streets and filled with Historians. Experts in the past. Political, social, economic and entrepreneurial historians – experts at why we are where we are today and whose fault it is.

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In Zimbabwe, they’ll tell you about colonialism, the ‘illegal’ or ‘targeted’ sanctions, land reform, 2008 inflation on and on. They blame the President, they blame the Prime Minister etc but always victims of their past.

Entrepreneurs with this mindset will tell of how they were born poor, how 20 years ago their daddy didn’t love them, how 3 years ago the bank wasn’t lending- — always the past, often eloquent, but very rarely helpful.

Oh and if you ask a historian why they focus so much on the past they’ll say it’s because it’s our past that defines us and that there’s no going forward without understanding the past.


The Future however, which is where we’re all going, belongs to Prophets, not historians. Prophets make bold predictions of what’s to come, they invest heavily for things that historians and commoners will be surprised by. The result is that they’re always ahead of everyone else.

Strive Masiyiwa wasn’t the only one to see the opportunities that existed in telecoms in Zimbabwe, he was just the first. He was prophetic. By the time his competitors (rivals) saw what he saw, he was way ahead in implementation, strategy and mindset.

Bill Gates is the same, he gets paid today because 30 years ago he invested heavily to take advantage of opportunities that were not yet obvious to his competition. By his own admission, one of his biggest mistakes was not seeing the significance of online search early enough. Google did, and today they’re are number one, far ahead of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

It’s easy to look at a company like Econet Wireless now and come up with intelligent sounding theories about why they are such a success, because it all history now. Looking into the past is easy. The future is risky business though. You could be wrong and if you are they’ll be consequences.

When is the best time to invest in Zimbabwe, start your own business, explore new technologies, make a strategic shift? Where will the biggest and best opportunities in Zimbabwe be 3 years, 5 years or 10 years from now? What should you be doing now to get ready for the future?

Time will answer all questions sooner or later. But in the same way time isn’t waiting for you, you probably shouldn’t be waiting for time either. If you make a bold prediction and take massive action on it, it’ll change the course of your life. If your prophesy proves false, we’ll probably never hear of you, but if you’re right…you’ll be the prophet with the profit.

Not a bad place to be!

Mind you, they’re also prophets of doom, but sheesh, that’s another story.

Prophets Get Paid More: Why Strive Masiyiwa Earns More Money Than You

Convincing Investors To Finance Your Zimbabwean Business – 3 Tips.

If your business or unique business idea is short on financial muscle, then consider marketing it as an investment opportunity to private investors in Zimbabwe, or in the Diaspora. No matter what industry or sector you’re involved in (mining, Tourism, Manufacturing, service, retail etc), there is a niche of potential investors ready and willing to finance it, IF you can convince them that Continue reading “Convincing Investors To Finance Your Zimbabwean Business – 3 Tips.”