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Some people have discovered how to exchange money for more money. They are basically money lenders. Their strategy is to find ‘investment vehicles’ or people and organisations they can ‘lend’ money to – that’s a lot of buying shares is all about.

With this strategy you’ll always need money to make money. If you only have a little money, you can not make a lot, not really. It also tends to be a long term strategy as there are few really good short term investment vehicles. Most people who make a lot of money this way today, had to make their initial money some other way yesterday.

Others can turn relationships into money. They know people in ‘high places’. People who can make money things happen. Or they know how to connect people with complimentary needs or desires – If I know someone who has what you want, I can charge you a percentage of the cost of goods to facilitate the purchase – commodity broking. It’s a potentially very profitable model. Big exporters often use a variation of this model, dealing across massive geographical locations.

Proprietary Information.Having access to valuable, hard to find or learn information is a great position to be in. It’s the reason we pay business consultants, market researchers, investment brokers, corporate trainers, university professors etc because we want they information they have.

Ideas. Creating, owning or controlling intellectual property. Music, movies, design, software licensing etc. Doing this means owning an ‘idea’ or the communication of an idea and selling the experience or rights to use it for

money… The bigger, better or more useful the idea, the more people pay for it. (Think Hollywood Movies)

Heart. Exchanging ‘love for money’. Child care, charity work, some NGOs and even churches make use of this strategy. Of course none of them would define it that way, but in large part that’s what they do. By gaining your love or affording you opportunity to reach out and touch people you love or care about, they gain access to your wallet. It takes more than tears and prayer, it also takes money to feed, clothe, educate, inspire those in need of it. There are big rewards for those who can gather us around a common cause we’re willing to part money for. Rightly so.

Fun for Money.It’s crazy but most people will spend more on fun that almost anything else. Some will blow their whole months salary on one night of it at a club. The average person probably spends more on fun than personal development, contribution to mankind, improving family relationships combined. It’s a huge problem, but it’s also a huge opportunity for those who take advantage of this fact.

There are also other stupid ways like the Casino, Lottery tickets, prostitution, con artistry and many more! These usually involve exchanging your soul for money – not recommended!

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