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SECTION 2 The Baron Strategy

Of course, having great values is rarely enough, you’ll need a cash strategy. An intelligent approach with which to reach your goals.

What’s your ‘make money strategy?’

It’s amazing that people think it’s so difficult to find or make money. It’s everywhere. One need only exchange something of value for it. The problem for most people is in knowing what to give in exchange. Here are a few


Exchange your physical energy for money? This is the lowest paid strategy people on Earth. Cut down trees, lay bricks, operate heavy machinery, lift heavy boxes. Your earning capacity is based on using physical strength to perform easily mastered tasks. So in addition to being lowly paid, you are also easily replaced. (Compare these earnings to people use their bodies to do highly skilled tasks (think Tiger Woods of David Beckam)

Exchange your time for money. These are mostly employees and self employed people. They sell their time (and their egos) to their boss. From 8am 5pm every idea, every conversation, every effort they are capable of rightfully belongs to their boss.

I’ve only ever had one job, after which I vowed I’d never again work for anyone else. I watched as my work mates (and I) put in incredible effort, skill and time. We worked overtime, missed lunch breaks & skipped public holidays. Our rewards? Staff Award Certificates (I got a few of these), pats on the back and if we were really good, a small Christmas lunch.

I was constantly told I was being paid my ‘market value’ for comparative jobs in my position. I knew it wasn’t true. I proved it when two weeks after I left, they hired me as a consultant for a 5 day project. I was doing exactly the

same job as I did when I worked there. They gladly paid me almost 3 times my 30 days salary for 5 days of easy work. I laughed. It wasn’t their fault, it was mine. I was the one who didn’t know my own value.

Typically, employees are more focused on job security than financial freedom. Very often they end up with neither. Self employed people are usually people who left employment to start a business only to discover they’ve started another job instead. They left with ‘Boss Freedom’ as their motivation -and so they become ‘self employed’. They don’t know how to delegate and create systems that will free them from the daily tasks of their new job.

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