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“I am the master of my own destiny. I alone am to blame for my past failures and my future success is my responsibility to achieve. The economy, the president, your mother, father, your education, your boss, your pastor & even your God those are all excuses. Until you accept that you ALONE are responsible for your own quality of life you wont enjoy success.

“It’s possible, I can, I will” So what if everyone says it’s impossible, it’s never been done before, it’s too hard blah blah blah. If you have a goal in mind, a dream in your heart and if you believe it’s possible then it is. Supreme confidence works like magic. It will open more and bigger doors than any qualification, relationship or talent would without it.

“Vision – I know exactly what I want & I’ve written down my goalsDevelop a clear as crystal picture of your goal and never let go of it. Writing it down on paper forces you to clarify vague thoughts and crystallizes your thinking. “More Money” that’s a wish, not a goal. “It’s the 10th of November 2008, I’m thrilled because I’ve made $10 500 extra from my business whoopee!” That’s better. Present tense, clear and exciting.

“I Take Action.” Thinking, talking & praying all have their place, but none takes the place of action. Get real, get practical if you want it let your feet do the talking and get moving.

“Learner are earners, leaders are readers”. Statistics shows more than 90% of people don’t buy life improvement or career enhancing books after school. Of those who do, 85% don’t get past the first chapter. Is it really any wonder so many are mediocre? Reading allows you to learn from other people’s mistakes without having to make them yourself. Want to be outstanding? Expand your thinking, references and ideas. Learn in every way you can.

“I Embrace ‘No Box Thinking.’” You have a thousand options on what business to get into, how to grow your profits, where to find new clients etc. Creativity can solve most financial problems a lot faster and easier than hard work can. Don’t limit yourself to what you did yesterday, what everyone else is doing or even what the experts are saying.

Is this the whole list? No, but it’s a good start. If you’re smart than you can easily expand it. How? Refer to number 4 and 5 again.

Every truly successful person has a set of values and beliefs he’s purposefully chosen to adopt. Values & beliefs based on unbreakable laws. Your agreement with yourself to adopt unbreakable laws is your personal CBMOU. Get one.

Oh, and of-course failing to understand & respect the difference between ‘Unbreakable Laws’ and everything else is the difference between masses and the Barons. It’s also the difference between Jail worthy, depressed, fearful or

hard hearted Barons, the ones that actually get to be successful.

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