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The Cash Baron Philosophy

Becoming a Master Baron involves more than simply memorizing a few ‘quick buck tactics.’ You need an empowering new perspective and vocabulary. You should know by now that how you think and believe has far greater bearing on your life than anything inflation can throw at you. What you say about yourself and your circumstances will empty or fill your pocket faster than anything said in the newspaper.

Cash Barons are different, not just in the amount of cash in their wallets, but in their thinking. It’s in what they know and what they believe about what they know. The transformation from Cash Broke to Cash Baron means developing new images of your-self. It means changing your ‘inner dialog’.

“This is a waste of time I don’t need this, show me the money, forget the philosophy”

That’s the mindset of the masses the cash broke. Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting your attitudes about success and money…or you’ll be ignoring the very foundation of riches. Why do you think people who win the lottery are soon back to being broke? Why do you think children who inherit massive fortunes almost always lose their wealth?

It’s in their thinking. That’s why the Cash Baron’s personal Memorandum of Understanding (CB-MOU) is a good place to start. Examine it and make it your own. It outlines a key list of personal agreements and commitments to progress.

Cash Baron’s Memorandum Of Understanding (CB-MOU)

For our purposes, think of a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ as a contract or official agreement between two or more parties, which forms the basis for negotiation or decision-making.

Although you may not know it, you already have an MOU. An internal set of rules and guidelines by which you are making financial decisions. Your MOU determines how you invest or don’t, how you spend, the size and nature of your financial goals and even your sense of your own financial competency.

If your MOU isn’t getting you the results you want, then it’s time to upgrade to the Cash Baron version.  Here it is…

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