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SECTION 1 What makes a Baron, a Baron?

Lets start here: What is a Cash Baron?

For the purposes of this book, I’ve defined a Cash Baron this way;

Someone who by intelligent execution of strategy, based on unbreakable laws, has achieved financial freedom. That’s it.

They come from all sorts of backgrounds, economies and geographies but they’ve all overcome the odds to become masters of their own lives and financial destinies.

Listen – I’m not talking about people who just got lucky. I’m certainly not talking about those who’ve abused, stolen, bribed or intimidated their way to the top. In simpler terms a Baron is an ‘ethical opportunist’ who’s succeeded in acquiring the good life.When defined that way, I cant think who wouldn’t want to be a ‘Cash Baron.’ To enjoy the fulfillment of maximizingyour potential in business, affording yourself and loved ones all the goodies money can buy.

Oh Max, Money is not everything & after all, the best things in life are free’

Here’s your first lesson: Stay away from people who talk and think that way. They will keep you in lack. There is not a person with half a brain who doesn’t know money isn’t everything.

Well love isn’t everything either!

Try using love to send your kids to school give the school headmaster a big ol loving hug and see if it works. Or when was the last time you used integrity to feed your family? No single thing (except God) is ‘everything’ to be truly successful, you’ll need abundance in every important area of life. Money is one of these important areas.

Anyway, you already know why you want money, this book is about the how.

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