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Good question. The answer is not a short one.

Firstly, I admit… I’m obsessed with ‘Cash Baron business strategies and tactics’.

Not just passionate, obsessed. Ask my wife.

This obsession has lead me to work hands on with almost 200 entrepreneurs in more than 30 different industries, all growing or setting up various aspects of their businesses. I’ve launched companies, promoted products, trained managers, innovated services, developed brands, done strategy consults, and more – all the while taking vigorous notes. All this, hands on.

But, I’ve done theory too. I’ve invested more than 3000 hours of study and research to understand what separates the fastest growing companies, the best selling products, biggest profit deals and most outstanding entrepreneurs from the rest.

As I write this on my PC at home, I have 4235 books, reports and research documents. That’s over 90 000 pages. I’ve accumulated over 350 hours of audio and video seminars, consultations & interviews with more than 1000

pages of notes, ideas and more questions all in my study folder. I’ve gone through every page, audio and video some, more than a few times.

Now, I’m not trying to impress you, in fact you may even feel sorry for me. After all, others didn’t have to go through all that to make money. They just got ‘lucky’. We’ll, it’s never really been about the money for me.

Don’t get me wrong, money is great, it’ll afford you a lot of goodies and essentials. I’ll be the last guy to take any kind of poverty vow. But it’s very rarely the motivation of masters. And mastery is really what I’m after.

But there is an even more important reason why you should believe what I have to say.

‘Because I’ve been there – out there, in the ‘Real World’

I know what it’s like to struggle under a mountain of bills & responsibilities. I’ve been hounded by landlords, debt collectors, family and all sorts. I’m no stranger to ‘creative meals’, the fine art of turning very few ingredients into a dinner.

Make no mistake, when your next meal is based solely on getting results, you become extremely intolerant of good sounding theories that don’t work. You quickly lose interest in ideas or so called interests from business academics,

Click here to download Cash Baron Secrets