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In Zimbabwe, the national reserve bank governor, Gideon Gono… every so often releases he’s latest ‘Monetary Policy Statement.’ For a whole hour he has every eye super-clued to the TV, a whole nation on the edge of their seats. Everyone hoping and praying he’ll say something worthwhile or that their businesses won’t be destroyed by his latest policy change – everyone that is, except a certain group of people…the ‘Master Cash Barons.’


The Master Cash Barons. These are people who are above the Governor’s announcements. Doesn’t matter what he says, today is just another massive money making day for them.


Because Master Barons operate with their own Money Policy. They’ve already signed a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ with themselves regarding their success. So print more money, slash more zeros, change currencies, Hold talks, whatever… ”Blah blah blah says the Baron”.

You see the ‘ethical and masterful cash baron’ has transcended the ordinary restraints and limitations of the economy he lives in. He’s ‘immunized’ himself and his business against any kind of inflation, recession and depression. He dominates his industry and rules his niche. It’s not just in Zimbabwe, you’ll find Cash Barons everywhere. Making dollars, make sense.


Well that’s what this book is about. Here, you’ll learn strategies you may never have even heard of before. Ideas that if implemented will put your business on profit steroids.

So Why Should You Listen To Me?

Of course, anyone could write a book with a catchy title and pretend to know something. Why should you believe I have anything of value to tell you?

Click here to download Cash Baron Secrets