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Why is leverage so important?

Because someone out there, already owns or controls the thing you want. Your goal isn’t to re-invent the wheel. Your goal is to show him how he will get what he wants, the way he wants it, by giving you what you want. If you do this, he will give you his time, money, ideas, skills, equipment etc.

There are four keys Barons use to gain access to and influence over the assets of other people. They are ‘scientific’ in that they are tested proven across an infinite range of contexts, situations, cultures etc. They are based on principles of persuasion – they will never change or lose their power.

The Four Keys

1) Get the Pre-disposed.

Forget trying to get people to do what they’re not pre-disposed or naturally inclined to doing. It’s not impossible, but it is unprofitable. Finding out what people want and are already doing is half the battle in business. Are you In a

desert? Sell water and orange juice. Into fast food? Target hungry people. Want a loan? Find the bank, investor, organizations or individual that is already predisposed to helping you. Need a favour? Ask your wife, not of a stranger.

The point is don’t ask people to go against their own grain or get out of their comfort zone to give you what you want. Smart persuasion or marketing isn’t about trying to ‘create demand,’ it’s about channeling an already existing demand towards your business.

2) Offer Big Rewards.

A loaf is better than a slice. When you structure your deals or offers, give people as much of what they want as possible. The more you give, the more persuasive your communication.

Don’t give one benefit if you can give two profitably. 10% discount is better than a 5%. A promotion PLUS a salary increment is better than either one alone. Point is, find out what he wants and offer as much as possible to him.

Don’t forget to make your benefits crystal clear. Don’t say “Powerful Software Program To Increase Productivity” Say “Now you can save up to 3 hours a day for 30% less money than ever before. Impress your clients, embarrass
your competitors, get a promotion and dazzle your co-workers!” In other words, spell out the benefits don’t assume people know your product or your offer as well as you do. Of course you have to actually be able to deliver on your promises.

3) Reduce or Eliminate Risk.

Anytime we make a decision to expend a resource (money, time, energy etc) our brains are having an inner conversation – assessing the risk factors. What is he doesn’t pay on time? What are the chances he’ll deliver low quality? What if the product doesn’t work? If you want to stand out and really make money in business, you’ll constantly be eliminating risk in your offers.

A 5 Year Warranty, money back guarantee, brand credibility, professional looking website, reputation, samples and product demonstrations, product testimonials – all these are ways in which people seek to reduce the risk,
perceived or real.

4) They Control

Particularly in situations the other person perceives as very high risk, give up part or full control of the transaction to the person you want to persuade. Ever asked a kid with a packet of sweets for a few? If he offers you any, he
probably wont let go of the packet. That way he can control how many you take…just in case. It’s the same when we grow up.

In the examples to follow, I’ll give you some actual examples on how I’ve used all four of these keys to structure offers that probably wouldn’t have otherwise been successful.

Take note that most of these I did with little or no money. I’ve also chosen simple, unsophisticated examples to prove that anyone can do these kinds of deals. Here’s an example…

How I Turned Just 4 Hours Work, Into A 6 Month
Passive ‘Income Saving Stream’

I’ve one particular client who’s been with me for more than 5 years now. We’ve had arguments, misunderstandings and all sorts, yet we remain good friends and he’s gladly stayed with me, even when he could have gone elsewhere. Why? Because he gets good service, but also because I structure unique and high value deals for him.

When he first came to me 5 years ago, he was starting up a ‘Farm shop’ in town and needed help with setting it up. He wanted to sell chickens, eggs, milk and all sorts of farm produce.

Problem was, my quotation was way over his budget!

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