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As you can see there are many strategies, and that was by no means a complete list. Some involve everything from 10 years of extra schooling to high risk, low reward tactics. Almost any of these methods can be turned into a successful business.

So how does a Baron make money?

Ever compared two equally talented, hardworking, creative and experienced people and found that one earns 100 times more than the other? Why is that? Is Bill Gates really One billion times more intelligent, creative, knowledgeable, hardworking than you? So what explains the difference?

One word ‘Leverage.’

Leverage is the art of getting a lot out of a little – It’s the science of getting more from the same or even less effort, time, money or talent. It’s is about maximizing the results you get from your assets or resources. In business, an

asset is anything you can leverage to create money, or more assets.

Sounds simple? Yet the smart use of leverage is the single most important difference between big earners, and small time businesses on the fast track to nowhere.

I will show you the four basic principles that govern the highest kind of leverage there is leveraging other people. You’ll see real world examples mostly from my own startup days. Then after all that, I’ll show you an opportunity to setup your business the high leverage way. (Note: There’s a big difference between manipulating others and leveraging others… i refer to the latter)

First off, understand that when it comes to business, marketing presents the highest leverage points you have. Doesn’t matter your industry (remember I’ve been involved in more than 30) type of business (I’ve seen over 200),

your product, or the economy.

Marketing will make you more money than investing, real estate, money markets or any other vehicle on earth.

For example. If I am selling a product lets say Computers. The cost of a well placed ad is an insignificant figure compared to the sales I could get. If I sell just 10 computers in 7 days, as a result of the ad I’ve probably made 200

times more than it cost me to advertise in one week! Where else can you do that?

Marketing is everything you do to influence people (wallet. Customers, clients, shareholders, suppliers, investors etc.’) into feeding your wallet – directly otherwise. The fine art of leveraging your persuasion…to make irresistible offers. If you can make irresistible offers to customers, investors, suppliers, partners, employees

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