You’re Not To Old To Start A Business, Here’s Why

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So you’d love to start a business here in Zimbabwe, but you’re worried that you’re too old? Let me tell you, you have nothing to fear from old age, and here’s why;
robert mugabe zimbabwePresident Robert Mugabe is 90 years and starting another term of as president of Zimbabwe! I bet you’re a lot younger than 90 aren’t you? Age is first and foremost a state of mind, not body. Many people allow themselves to start to feel old at 50 years old.


Heck, at that young age Continue reading “You’re Not To Old To Start A Business, Here’s Why”

How Facebook Will Kill Zimbabwe’s Big Brands

ImageIt seemed once that big brands and the companies behind them were invincible, permanently successful, unsinkable ships, just like the Titanic. Today businesses large and small are in trouble like never before. It’s problems in the local economy, it’s the global crunch, it’s the effect of politics, but it’s also something else quite unexpected…


Social media is changing things much faster than Big brands Continue reading “How Facebook Will Kill Zimbabwe’s Big Brands”


My friends, Brendan and Sally Palmer have been helping businesses in Zimbabwe and in the region for ages. They’ve invested a lot of time and money into learning how you can take the stress out of your business and give it wings to fly. They asked me to share this with you…


This seminar teaches 25 key techniques and strategies to Continue reading “SABRE BUSINESS WORLD LIVE SEMINAR – 25 Business Secrets”

People Know Better Than Businesses…Zimbabwe Facebook Marketing

Recently in a report on the use of Google Plus (and other Social Media) in Zimbabwe, I was listed as a ‘Notable User’ for both Facebook and LinkedIn. Since then I’ve had more emails than usual asking for my advice on how local businesses can make better use of Social Media (especially Facebook) in Zimbabwe.

People adapt to new social trends much faster than 99% of businesses do. They’re faster to get on Facebook, faster to understand the platform and to learn how to use it effectively to connect and convince.

This is fantastic news.

See even though Social Media is changing the world and now marketing together with it, your businesses competitors have no idea how to use it effectively. Heck, even most of the so-called Social Media marketing experts in Zimbabwe, are lost – they just don’t know it (but that’s another post).

So what do normal people know about Marketing on Facebook that Businesses don’t?

Normal, none-amateur marketing, everyday people, know that Facebook, is about conversation and connection – not advertising and selling. No one is logging in to see your self promotional posts (adverts).

No one.

See your market is having a conversation. They’re talking about their frustrations, they’re sharing ideas, they’re recommending resources, they’re asking each other for advice. Your goal is to get involved in the conversation and over time become a trusted voice to the people with in that community.

  • Not to spam my news feed with your latest greatest offer, every single day, several times a day.
  • Not about getting me to like your page and treating me like yet another number (Did you know that most people who like a Facebook fan page will never again return to it?)
  • Not to stuff my inbox with your amazing new product, that you have no real idea if I’d be interested in or not

Not about

Sure you’ll get a couple of responses if you do that, but you’ll never build an authoritative presence, you’ll never be the most trusted advisor in your market. You’ll just be yet another guy/business who also sells product x. Nothing and no one special.

Small Version Of A Big Business (Facebook)

FROM FACEBOOK DISCUSSION: Problem is that most new businesses in Zimbabwe think of themselves as smaller versions of big businesses that already exist. By doing that, you’re forcing yourself to compete on the terms set by your already established, bigger, more well-known, better financed competitors. Bigger competitors are not impossible to beat, but you won’t do it by playing their game. You’ve got to think more strategically than that.

(You can see the full discussion on Facebook, but you must be logged in).

Kissing Your Way To Success – Zimbabwe Business

Hidden in the everyday common kiss, is a powerful business and career development secret, so important and powerful, that it could mean the difference between success or failure for your business.

Actually Kissing (deep, lip locking type kissing) is quite disgusting when you think of it. Two people, (preferably a man and a women) lip lock and proceed to rub their tongues together whilst exchanging large amounts of saliva…arh! And yet, it’s highly disgusting nature hasn’t diminished it’s popularity one bit.

Why? Continue reading “Kissing Your Way To Success – Zimbabwe Business”

Imakando Musho – Transference, The Real Reason Why Your Business Isn’t Successful

Imakando Musho emailed me this morning in the heat of inspiration, with a post he felt you’d love to read. In it he answers the question of why so many businesses in Zimbabwe (and world-wide) fail. The timing was perfect because I’d just sat down to write something, but he saved me the effect. Here’s Imakando…

Everyday the news reports of major businesses that are closing shop or being placed under curator-ship. On an unnoticed level of the small business are even major shakeups and closings. Some would blame the economy, tough operating conditions, stringent budgets and growing general customer disinterest in their goods and services. However, the real reason why businesses fail is not because of these but because of one big word, Continue reading “Imakando Musho – Transference, The Real Reason Why Your Business Isn’t Successful”

Useless Advertising Agencies in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwean newspapers are FULL of junk adverts, and this probably includes the ones you like. Spare 5 minutes to read this FULL post to find out how so and why this could be the best news you’ve heard all year…here’s why;

Doesn’t matter which newspaper you’re talking about, The Herald, The Fingaz, The Zimbabwean, Daily News, Friday Ads, Metro – all full of junk adverts. Junk because they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of EVER getting maximum marketing results for the people who pay so much for them.

It’s not the fault of the newspapers (although if I owned one, I’d do something about it) – the blame rests with incompetent advertising agencies and ignorant business people.


  • The shocking truth about advertising agencies that makes most of them a big mistake to hire
  • How most business people and marketing managers are conned by so-called marketing or advertising ‘experts’.
  • 5 Secrets to designing your own super effective ads or making DARN SURE your agency gets it right Continue reading “Useless Advertising Agencies in Zimbabwe?”