Zimbabwe Business Plan

Surviving and thriving in Zimbabwe isn’t impossible. Challenging – yes. Impossible – No. It does however call for ideas and strategies beyond the scope of most academic and business textbooks. You’ll need “extraordinary measures in extraordinary times” – just ask Governor, Gideon Gono. It’s in his new book.

 An example of extraordinary measures is the Zimbabwean Business plan. If done well, it will include a number of considerations that you wont find in any generic business plan template. Whether for investors, partners or yourself, answers to these questions could make or break your Zim biz.

 Every Zimbabwean business plan should consider:

1) If you can’t charge in a stable currency, how do you intend to maintain the value of your money? (barter trades, a quick cash to asset conversion, stocks and shares etc)

2) If your business is not a cash cow, for example high priced goods, how will you meet the daily cash requirements for your business? (Can you change the shape and form in which your payments are made? How creative can you be with suppliers and payment schedules? What fast moving related (or not) products can you sell to keep cash flowing? etc)

 Another example of this is the obvious need to setup multiple bank accounts. If you have 10 employees, each should have a bank account with 5 banks. Same goes for the Directors and the business itself. Also, develop a ‘Withdrawal strategy. How can you get employees paid without the downtime?

3) Territorial defense against imports. Remember what happened to Delta? They lost mega market share because they weren’t ready for the competition from imported brands. Are you? If your competition from SA (and beyond) come round, can you survive? What’s your game plan? Don’t procrastinate on your strategy.

4) Shorten Your Time Frames. What would conventionally be considered medium term planning overseas, would Long term here. The environment is a little more volatile, and dynamics change a lot faster. Your plan needs to be more fluid or flexible. Surviving and succeeding today is more of a factor here than it is in most places. Take this into consideration.

5) Recruitment and replace plan. We have one of the fastest employee turnover rates in the world. Acknowledge this and plan for it. How can you keep employees longer? If you lose one do you have a plan for quick replacement? Flexi-packages and employee policies could prove useful. .

Is this list complete? No, it’s just to stimulate your thinking. It’s meant to empower and inspire you to be practical and unconventional. Zim biz can work, just not in the same way as elsewhere. For Zim business, throw away the Cambridge text book!

Yours for smarter business


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Why Start A Business In Zimbabwe

Here’s a question i received just the other day.

Mr Soutter, thank you for the Cash Baron secrets, very good read. However after going through it, i realised that these were universal principles and can work anywhere, my questions to is…

with everything thats happening economically and politically, why should i bother starting a business in Zimbabwe? Oscar P.


Are you asking the same question? There are alot of good answers to it, but today i’ll give you two that i dont usually give.

1) World Cup 2010 is in South Africa. Guess which is country is right next door to SA? Guess which country ‘shares’ one of the 7 wonders of the world with SA? WIth literally billions of dollarsbeing spent and to be made between now and 2010, you should be thinking seriousy about how to get in on the action. I’ll speaking more about this in weaks to come, and showing you how to take advantage of what’s happening.

2) Guess which country has had the highest/ best performning stock in the last 12 months? Whichever way you look at it, Zimbabwe’s in the top 5. Now consider the global economic problems and tell if that doesnt make Zim attractive. With Giants in USA dropping like flies, this is a great opportunity for you to diversify ‘out of the box’ and think Zim.

3) Robert Kiyosaki. I’m not big into overestimating what the ‘Gurus’ say, buy Even Rich Dad’s legend son recently confessed that Zimbabwe is where it’s at. Pay attention.

4) It’s still ridiculously cheap and to start meaningful businesses in Zimbabwe compared to other parts of the world. In a year or so, Government will start waking up to the business opportunities they control and start putting further and more dificult hurdles in your way. Dont wait. Dont procrastinate yourself out of an opportunity.

There you go, thats some food for thought. If you’re serious about getting ahead and seizing opportunities not yet flooded, then you need to ‘Think Zimbabwe’. After you’d though for a moment or two… ACT.

What other reasons can you think of to start a Zim business?

Max Soutter