The 2 Reasons Entrepreneurs End Up Blending In…And Suffering For It

It might feel safe, but it’s stupid…dangerous actually. Yet, it’s exactly what so many entrepreneurs and marketers do.

Blend in. Talk & Act Just Like Their Competitors. 

Some because they’re clueless. Most because they’re scared.

If you’re clueless, well, good news, i’m about to introduce you to a simple marketing tool that’ll help you stand out from your competitors.

But if you’re scared Continue reading “The 2 Reasons Entrepreneurs End Up Blending In…And Suffering For It”

No One Else Will Do This For You, Thanks DV8!

dv8 restuarantNothing beats being able to say “No one else will do this for you”, and then backing it up with a definite and unique promise. Marketers call it a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and it’s vital to the success of your business.

I mean if you’re saying exactly what Tom, Dick and Harry are saying (like these guys), then why the heck would I prefer you?

I wouldn’t.

Have you seen DV8’s “Kids Eat Free” offer? 

I thought that it was awesome. They can say with confidence, at least for today, that “No one else will do this for you”. And if they can get you in the door today, they have a chance to win you over as a regular customer, long after the special is done and gone. When was the last time a decent restaurant offered your kids a free meal?

What about you & your business?

Can you offer me something none of your competitors will? A definite benefit that no one else would be generous enough to offer? A specific promise no one else would be bold enough to give?


Most businesses I consult with don’t have a unique selling proposition at all. They’re happier to play in the safer middle ground of not promising anything too special, too different. Problem is, it’s not safe at all.

It’s risky business to be the same as your competitors. It means you have to rely heavily on price. It means you had better be nearer to me, easier to reach than your competition. It means at anytime, I could switch to someone else and forget all about you. It means, if you close down today, I might not even notice.

DV8 promises “steaks you leave home for”. Are their steaks that good? I don’t know. What I do know is that if Kids eat free today, and can have fun in the play room while I relax for an hour, then I might just find out.




"Don't Make Donations To Herald Newspaper, Zimbabwe"


About 5 years ago, I discovered something shocking about the Herald Newspaper in Zimbabwe. It angered the heck out of me and I decided to do something about it.

Did you know:

The Herald newspaper is probably Zimbabwe’s Most Successful and Cash Rich Charity.

They’ve raked in more in cash donations than ANY HIV AIDS or Cholera based NGO in Zimbabwe ever did! Shocking right? But, I know this, because for years, I myself (and many more) was a major contributor, without even knowing it!

But now – no more donations from Max Soutter.

See, I’ve found a way to turn the tables around in my favor. These days, I’m the one milking them for financial gain… here’s how you can too (100% legal) Continue reading “"Don't Make Donations To Herald Newspaper, Zimbabwe"”

"Sorry, We Dont Do That Here!"

“Sorry, I don’t do that”.

Smart entrepreneurs say that a lot. Why?

Because knowing what you don’t do is smart business and it’s smart resource management. It’s often a good sign of a healthy business, of a good strategy, of a disciplined individual.


Because you cant be clear on what you do do, if you’re not clear on what you don’t. You cant be focused on what you will do, if you’re not sure what you wont.

It’s why you need a Unique Selling Point (USP). Because it tells people what you do (and therefore what you don’t).

Your ‘To Not Do’ List is almost as important as your ‘To Do’ list. It informs you on what is opportunity vs distraction. It reminds you of why you do do certain things…for example

Lets say you’re a marketing consultant and i ask you to help me with a business plan. If you say “Sorry Max, I don’t do that”, what’s my next question?

“Well, Why Not Bob?!”

Of course your answer needs to be better than “just because”. If you’ve actually thought it through, then it will reflect focus and even insinuate expertise.

People disciplined enough to not do certain things are often paid more, trusted more and referred more. I mean would you hire a consider a brain surgeon who is also a master pediatrician, gynecologist, psychologist and basketball star?

Or would you prefer the Brain surgeon who says “No, i don’t have anytime for that other stuff…, my passion is brain surgery – nothing else”.

Sure it may seem like his missing out on all those other ‘opportunities’ coming his way, but his not. He’s just focused…and therefore more credible and likely to deliver well.

So what don’t you do? Go on, make a list.

Oh, by the way, besides knowing what your business doesn’t do, it’s worth developing a personal productivity ‘To Not Do List’. Tim Ferriss offers a few ideas for you – Here are a few of my favorites (partly because I’ve been there).

  1. Do not e-mail first thing in the morning or last thing at night.
  2. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time
  3. Do not check e-mail constantly — “batch” and check at set times only

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