The Baker Story, Once Upon A Time…

The baker
The Baker story

The Baker Story…How to Turn A Biscuit into A Dollar.

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a baker. There were many others, but he was different…this one had truly exceptional baking skills. He would have been legendary, except that he was completely unknown – but this didn’t deter him. He knew that if he kept focusing on the quality of his product, then eventually he’d become the wealthiest and most respected baker man who ever lived.

One day, after hundreds of experiments with dozens of ingredients, the Baker finally came up with what he believed was the ultimate chocolate biscuit. It was revolutionary he thought. And his whole family, upon tasting it, confirmed immediately, that indeed, this was the tastiest biscuit ever made.

Mr Baker was ecstatic… “finally” he said to himself “I will soon be the wealthiest and most respected baker in the whole wide world. People will come from near and far for a taste of my biscuits – Muuaaaahahahaha (insert evil laugh here)! Continue reading “The Baker Story, Once Upon A Time…”