8 Crazy Things You Must Believe To Become A Success In Hard Times.

You will rise and fall on the strength of your beliefs. Make no mistake about it friend, if you believe the right things in life and in business, then you will become a Success. The closer your beliefs align with truth, the closer you get to genuine success, especially in “the winter”

Yea but…

Ok, It’s true, bad stuff happens to good people and all that, but in reality, in the end, what happens to you is only a small part of what eventually becomes  of your life. Far more powerful are the things going on the inside, in your mind and heart, than on the outside, in your circumstances.

Fortunately, success leaves clues, and after thousands of years and countless examples of successful people, we know that the rich and the poor think differently. This is true for individuals, organizations and even nations. Successes think in very different ways to those who up failures, and failures, think differently and quite frankly, some of their beliefs must have seemed crazy at the time.

From the shoulders of giants and from my own experience, I offer these crazy beliefs for you to adopt. They’re crazy because sometimes, to some people, they’re just going to seem unrealistic, childish and even stupid

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How To Not Commit Suicide After Business Failure

failureThey say failure teaches more than success, and maybe that’s true (Tom Cruise disagrees).  What is certainly true though is that there is a way to fail, and a way not to.

I’ve personally learnt quite a bit from my failures, things i thought i already knew, but didn’t really. Two main lessons stand out…

  1. Failure is not to be feared
  2. Don’t commit suicide when you do.

Failure is not to be feared. 

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Experiment: Are People willing to Pay To Reduce Other Peoples Income?

people and moneyWould people pay to reduce other people’s income? This was the question researchers set out to answer in a study published In the French Annales d’Economie et de Statistique. The answer shocked them; a rare glimpse into the nature of both people and wealth.

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Somebody Hates You

If you’re remarkable, outstanding, extraordinary in a world of ordinary, you can be certain that somebody doesn’t like you. Not only do they not like you, but they never will. Live with it. Heck, you could be perfect and somebody would still dislike you…even hate you to death

Ask Jesus.

Remarkable people make ordinary people nervous, they make mediocre people uncomfortable, they get average people irritated.

Oh and it’s the same for your product, your service, your idea, your face! Trying to win the love and affection of everyone is a losers strategy. You don’t need to win everybody, just the people who count. Find out who those people are and focusing obsessively on them – ignore the rest.

I’m Talking To The Man In The Mirror

How often do you talk to the man in mirror? I do often. I like to remind him of stuff he already knows, but sometimes forgets.

These days I talk to him a lot about who he is and where he’s going. “Don’t get distracted or discouraged” I tell him. “No matter how high the mountain seems, you can climb it.” I remind him that no matter what forces come up against him, he’ll win through faith.

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How Far Can You Walk?

One Kilometre? Ten?  Actually it depends on why. It depends on what’s waiting for me at the end of the journey. A life dream come true? I can walk a million miles. For something I don’t care about? Across the road is too far to walk. It’s got nothing to do with the physical distance, it’s about the why.

And that’s the trick to perseverance.

A strong why.

Absolute clarity on why you’re still walking and unshakable belief that it’ll be there, when you get there. Some mountains really are too high and some valleys too deep  – for the wrong why, as it should be.

Success: WHAT or WHO You Know?

Is success about WHAT you know or is it about WHO you know?

It’s a good question and almost everyone knows the answer…except they all disagree.

‘WHAT people‘ emphasize how acquiring knowledge about the facts, principles and strategies is the key to success. They invest in gathering vital information and education (both formal & informal). They know that

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Things Are Going To Get Worse This Year… Definately

Everything is going to get worse for you in 2010… it really is. Things will not improve. It will not ‘just work out’…nothing will come together. A year from now, you’ll be broke, your brand unknown and you be going around
in circles, saying…”Things will get better”. But they wont.
Want proof?