Do You Need Money?

So, you need money right? You need money fast?

I get it. Really. I know what it’s like to need $10 for my families next meal, $500 for a hospital bill or thousands for an investment. No matter the amount, the feeling is the same, whether you’re Phillip Chiyangwa needing money for a new monster Mansion, or a street kid needing money for a Bakers Inn pork pie.

Nothing wrong with needing something, but if you ever get into the HABIT of feeling needy… That’s where your real problems begin. Continue reading “Do You Need Money?”

It’s A Mind Job.

Sometimes, staring out the window, seemingly lost in space, is extremely productive. All depends on what you’re thinking (visualizing).


If you’re worrying about your dog eating the cat at home, you’re wasting time. If you’re fantasizing about winning the lottery, you’re wasting time. If you’re remembering an argument you had with a friend you didn’t know on Facebook, then you’re really wasting time!

On the other hand, if you’re ‘Visionizing, well that’s different.

Visionizing is what I call it when I take the time to go over my vision everyday – in my mind. I place myself in a future time and I vividly imagine all the details as if it were real right now. What it sounds like, looks like, smells like…I make it multi-sensory and exciting..

Why do it?

Cuz my mind can’t differentiate between imagined reality and actual reality. Neither can yours. It’s a proven fact. Why do you think you couldn’t sleep after watching that Horror movie? Because you replayed it in your imagination…and your mind thought there was real danger.

Listen Bob: By Visionizing everyday, 5 or 10 times a day, you can imprint a new way of seeing or believing into your brain. You can convince yourself that person you want to be, is in fact who you are already. You can reprogram yourself past your current limitations, attitudes and perspectives. Success is a mind job.

Top performers all over the world absolutely always use this technique. Some do it intentionally, other without even knowing it. They’re constantly seeing themselves crossing the finish line before everyone else, or closing the biggest sales, or romancing their wife.

The great thing about visionizing is that is absolutely works! Do it for your business, your studies, your family, your ministry – anything. The trick is to make it vivid, make it multi- sensory and make it often. Just 3 times a day, 10 minutes at a time for a start.

This will work wonders for your everything you apply it to. Free your subconscious mind of all the things you don’t want to happen. Don’t think about them, visualize or talk about them. Start daily visionizing a compelling new future.

Option B is to play another game of solitaire or get back to your 367 friends on Facebook and make more. See how far that takes you? I think, like me you prefer the Option A.