Why Bother With Manchester United?

"proud of my team"
“proud of my team”

Consider a popular soccer team – say Manchester United (who also happen to be the best – yay!). Now supporters don’t share in the prize money, world fame, power and influence that the players enjoy. They have no share of endorsements nor do they ever even get to touch the trophy. So why bother? Why follow the brand to the ends of the earth? Continue reading “Why Bother With Manchester United?”

World Cup, Vuvuzelas And Failed Businesses

World Cup 2010 soccerThis world cup 2010 in South Africa is a ticket to failure for some businesses. Seriously, and maybe yours too if you’ve caught anything more than a mild case of soccer fever. I said the same thing about Christmas back in 2008 and i’m saying it again about the World Cup in 2010:

Don’t Switch Off Your Brain for the Soccer Games!

Let me explain

Looking out from my office at the Vuvuzela blowing cars on their way to the various ‘fan parks’, i can’t help but wonder how many of them are entrepreneurs in need of a competitive advantage – yet here they are giving away one of the rarest and finest advantages possible… Continue reading “World Cup, Vuvuzelas And Failed Businesses”