Before You Talk to Investors…3 Questions


There are 3 questions that, if you fail to answer for an investor are almost certainly the end of your presentation. Sadly most start ups are in such a rush to meet the money people that they complete forget or neglect these vital questions.

If you’re looking to present your idea or business plan to a decision maker, make sure you can answer these. The more revolutionary your idea, the money you’re asking for – the more important these questions will be – 3 Questions To Answer For Investors

8 Questions To Answer Your For Your Marketing Strategy

marketing questions to answerPlanning a marketing strategy for your business? All good (effective) strategies are the result of asking and answering the right questions about your business, product and most importantly, your market. Not thinking through the questions below is often the reason for really weak and shallow marketing plans that fail to get results, don’t impress investors and ultimately waste resources.

Here are a few really important questions to ask yourself and your team – many of which your competitors have never asked themselves (that’s good news).

So in no particular order… Continue reading “8 Questions To Answer Your For Your Marketing Strategy”

Business Questions Answered

Got questions on how to start or market your business in Zimbabwe?

I rarely get a chance to answer all the email questions I get – I can get really busy sometimes. Anyway, I took sometime out last night to answer a few of your most frequently asked questions that are not directly related to my products or services.

I haven’t gone industry specific as I would in a personal email so that the answers would be more generally useful. Here are answers to your questions.

1)     What If I Don’t Have Money to Start or Operate my Small Business? Continue reading “Business Questions Answered”