So I Just Googled Myself

Did a Google Search for Max Soutter this morning! Actually it’s something i used to do all the time, just not recently. I was surprised at what i found…although i shouldn’t have been i suppose.

over one hundred thousand results, the front page looks like this a couple of links to my social media accounts (have you circled me on G+?), my main blog (this one), a talk i did for TEDx on YouTube, an old interview and so on – but all business related…actually you’d have to through several pages before you found non-business related results for my name – which is weird i thought..

I mean business is only a part of my life, and not even the most important either…yet it is by far what i am most known for. Seems wrong. What about Jesus and the Gospel of grace i love so much, what about my awesome wife and ridiculously cute kids? What about death by chocolate (one of histories greatest inventions)?

I’ve always said, “You can tell whats most important to a man by how he spends his time and his money”…now i’m wondering if i should ad…”and by the top and most common results on his google search”…

What do you think?