You Are Not Alone.

Do you feel alone in your struggles? No one to call on for help in that situation? No one who understands, no one who cares.

You are Not alone in feeling that way. Others have traveled the path you are on, and today they are passed it. They went through the situation that seemed so hopeless, and today they are long passed it. The same is possible for you.

Mostly though, you are Not alone because God is with you. If you are a born again Christian, he is with you right now. Not just a disinterested observer, but an ever present helper.

If you’re not born again, be assured, God loves you – truly, madly, deeply, and is knocking on the door of your heart- He wants to be there for You.

I know this seems unusual, but can i pray for You?

If youre going through something in your business, life or any area, and you would like someone to stand in faith with you, i am happy to. Leave a comment with your prayer request, or else, if its too personal, feel free to email me through the contacts page.

God loves you, you’re not alone.