Experiment: Are People willing to Pay To Reduce Other Peoples Income?

people and moneyWould people pay to reduce other people’s income? This was the question researchers set out to answer in a study published In the French Annales d’Economie et de Statistique. The answer shocked them; a rare glimpse into the nature of both people and wealth.

Here’s what happened, and the surprising and terrible mindset it revealed Continue reading “Experiment: Are People willing to Pay To Reduce Other Peoples Income?”

Myths about Money and Getting Rich

Getting rich is not magic!

WARNING: Most of what you believe about money may be false – myths that have no truth in them.

This is especially true if you don’t have any.

Although I advise and help entrepreneurs, especially Zimbabweans on their marketing, it took me a while to fully appreciate this vital truth about making money in business: Continue reading “Myths about Money and Getting Rich”

Do You Need Money?

So, you need money right? You need money fast?

I get it. Really. I know what it’s like to need $10 for my families next meal, $500 for a hospital bill or thousands for an investment. No matter the amount, the feeling is the same, whether you’re Phillip Chiyangwa needing money for a new monster Mansion, or a street kid needing money for a Bakers Inn pork pie.

Nothing wrong with needing something, but if you ever get into the HABIT of feeling needy… That’s where your real problems begin. Continue reading “Do You Need Money?”