You've Got Phillip Chiyangwa For Half A Minute

The ‘stadium pitch’ is one of the most under utilized marketing tools used by Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe. The result in lost opportunities. I have a friend who learned this lesson the hard way…in an Elevator with Phillip Chiyangwa 3 years ago.

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Most business people have no idea just how much they are being ignored because they don’t know what to say in 30 seconds of less to make Phillip Chiyangwa (and others) say ‘wow’

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Strive Masiyiwa, Phillip Chiyangwa, Obama, Osama & More!

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Personal Awareness…Phillip Chiyangwa, A Genius?

Phil "Dollar" Chiyangwa

Besides vision and self-confidence, the next most important attribute of an entrepreneur is self-awareness. Hands down. There just comes a point, a place where you realize that your biggest obstacle to the next level is not the wretched economy, your selfish none paying clients, President Mugabe or the witch doctor your evil aunt hired to kill your business. It’s you.

Yes YOU.

If you’re observant and aware, you’ll start to notice patterns of behavior, limiting beliefs, upside down values that are actually blocking your own success, no matter how hard you work. You consciously desire one thing, but you’re subconsciously programmed to produce a different result. Self sabotage.

But self-awareness goes beyond just exposing your own mental/ emotional limitations. Self awareness can also help you discover your genius – your inner Einstein – Like Phillip Chiyangwa. Continue reading “Personal Awareness…Phillip Chiyangwa, A Genius?”

Strive Masiyiwa Buys Bizsetup Group From Max Soutter!

Strive buys my business!

It may surprise you to know that Strive Masiyiwa & i have always been very close. For more than 5 years now, I’ve been behind the scenes at Econet Wireless… making things happen. In fact, some have actually called me the ‘real brains behind the whole Billion dollar operation’.

Humbly, I’d have to say Continue reading “Strive Masiyiwa Buys Bizsetup Group From Max Soutter!”