No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

Really? Must be my imagination then… I keep seeing them everywhere. All you need do is open your eyes and think a little outside your box.

We have one of the 7 wonders of the world– it’s proven to attract millions of visitors a year. The factors keeping those millions away wont last forever. Or better yet, maybe you should just wait until the opportunity becomes obvious to the whole world?

Enough natural resources to make everyone in this tiny country filthy rich. Put your thinking cap on. Make some calls, do some research. Are you the one to take advantage of these resources? Someone has to. And someone will.

Small country, nationwide media. For example, whatever you’re selling – your marketing can literally reach the whole nation with a relatively (by comparison) small budget through national media. 2 or 3 newspapers. There’s just one TV channel to worry about. National media coverage costs less than ‘community coverage in the first world!

Where else can you hire someone for less than a dollar a month?A skilled person. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is happening. Offer half decent salaries and you’d have some of the best employees the country has to offer.

Innovation is easy.A third world country with a educated and literate population (including diaspora). Basic technologies and facilities are not available. Whole industries almost don’t exist. What, you’d rather try to innovate in the first world, where your best idea was probably already done about 5 years ago? Where you’re competing with mega businesses? Where innovation is a way of life?

Half the population in the Diaspora.Setup partnerships both ways. If your business has potential, talk to your brother in the UK. 200 pounds may not be a a really big deal. In Zim, that could cover salaries for 5 – 10 people! You’d have a bigger advertising budget than most BANKS. If you’re living overseas, you’ve got no excuse.

So easy to gain a competitive advantage.Imagine a place where something as simple as high speed internet can be a competitive advantage? Where really understanding strategy and marketing (direct response) is like understanding magic. Where having a Paypal account makes you the only person who can buy products/services from the internet? Where having the right accent is taken as being educated?

Come on. I could go on, but that’s enough ranting for one day.

Or you can focus on the politics. Put your hope in Gideon Gono, Morgan Tsvangirai, Zanu PF – none of these people will make you rich. Trusting in politicians almost guarantees failure. Trusting in the media, no matter which one will DEFINITELY disadvantage you.

It may not be easy, the challenges are real, very. But so are the opportunities. Be unconventional. Be a positive leader. Be smart. Be quick. Be unselfish and bold. No one except God will hand success to you. And even then, you’ll still have to take it.

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Zimbabwe Christmas: My business advantage

Cruelty towards competitors…? Is that allowed? Well you may be charged with that crime if you take advantage of this easy opportunity.

Businesses in Zimbabwe, South Africa, UK and everywhere tend to do the same thing around about this time…they shut down. From about the 15th of Dec til the 15th of Jan many businesses, business owners and key employees go on holiday. That represents a fantastic opportunity for you…

here’s why.

With all your competitors shut down for 2-3 or more weeks, that leaves you in that time as the only voice in your market place. The only person open to do business with. The only solution for a desperate need in your market.

It’s a great time to target hard to get accounts. to gain a little more market share, to become a little more influencial. Whatever.

If i were you, i wouldnt shut down this Christmas. Or atleast, not for more than a day or two. If you really want an ‘unfair advantage’ that is. Instead devise ways to communicate to your market during this time. Tell them why you’re the most reliable, cost effective, highest quality – whatever.

Alternatively you could just take two or three weeks off and start from scratch in January…in which case you dont want to be my competitor this Christmas.

What would you rather have for Christmas – a stomach full of rice, chicken and hangover? Or a mega head start on your competition?

Max Soutter

p.s. Hey, I’m not saying don’t celebrate Christmas, I’m saying celebrate it by gaining a real life only once a year advantage! I welcome your thoughts.