How To Do Irresistable Marketing For Zimbabweans

ImageOne of the biggest ‘competitive edge’ advantages you’ll ever gain in doing business in Zimbabwe is making it easier for your clients to say YES than it is for them to say NO. It’s called ‘being irresistible’ and it’s the easiest,
fastest and most profitable way to do marketing, get noticed and get paid in business.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, being irresistible should be a primary focus because when you’ve got Continue reading “How To Do Irresistable Marketing For Zimbabweans”

Why I Hate 'Tawanda' – And How To Be Rememebered

Boring-church-serviceI hate “Tawanda”, and “Tendai” and “John Smith”. No, not Tawanda Nyambirai from TN Holdings or Tendai X from wherever – not the people, the names.

I’d bet there isn’t a more common name in Zimbabwe than Tawanda except maybe Tendai. They’re just too common, and common means average and average means boring and boring means easily forgotten. ‘Tawanda’ might be a great guy (all one million of them), but Tawanda is exactly the opposite of what you want for our business.

Boring is easily forgotten. It’s expensive to build a brand around boring…it’ll take a lot more time and money to be remembered, to stand out, to be remarkable.

Think about it

Too many Zimbabwean entrepreneurs right now starting Tawanda businesses, selling Tawanda products and creating Tawanda marketing. I hope you’re not one of them. I’m busy going through everything around me now getting rid of anything that’s ‘Tawandarish’. You should too.

Oh. and if you’re name is Tawanda, no offense! I mean it’s a lot better than being a Lucifer. 

Oh and could have chosen any common name for this purpose – for example “Max” is one of the all time most popular dog names in the world, not flattering! However – “Tawanda” for those who don’t speak Shona, actually means “there’s a heck of a lot of us”. When it comes to your business, you want to be able to say “There’s no one like us”.

About Telone's Dotmore Marketing Strategy + We've Moved!

Before i talk about Telone’s new ‘Dotmore Broadband’ strategy and why i thought it was crazy (i know all about stupid mistakes) let me say…

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The latest post on there is about Telone’s New branded broadband service and why no matter how unless your name is Bill Gates, you should never copy their marketing strategy! read it here – Telone’s Marketing

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Zimbabwe Business: "If You're Not Branding Your Business…"

Branding: It Worked for these guys!

“If You’re Not Building A Brand…”

I speak to as many as 10 – 20 entrepreneurs a week (I used to do that many daily). 9 out of 10 have no idea what marketing really is. Sure they all advertise in the Herald, email Dipleague, throw fliers around,  word of mouth and what not… but I’ve yet to meet one whose results can’t be doubled, just by changing their marketing approach. Listen…here’s a fact: Continue reading “Zimbabwe Business: "If You're Not Branding Your Business…"”

Chicken Inn Caught Using 'Mind Control' Tactics

“Chicken Inn Employs Powerful ‘Mind Control’ Tactics On Zimbabweans…”

Chicken Inn logo
Old Chicken Inn Logo

Noticed the change of Chicken Inn’s logo along First Street, Harare? Innscor has made major changes to logos for Chicken Inn, Creamy Inn and Bakers Inn – starting with their busiest and probably most successful location – 1st street. One question though…

Why Are They Re-branding?

An artistically inspired moment by bored executives at the Innscor HQ?

No, the answer lies in a little known and much more calculated strategy .  A strategy that every ambitious entrepreneur MUST come to understand, and master.  It all began with a sinister, hypnotic, ‘mind control’ experiment conducted 30 years before Chicken Inn came to be. True story; Continue reading “Chicken Inn Caught Using 'Mind Control' Tactics”

How To Construct A Killer Stadium Pitch

crowed stadium
A Stadium full of your prospects

Okay I promised you that I’d show you how to design your ‘stadium pitch’. You remember what a stadium pitch is don’t you? If not – Check it out before you continue.

Now even if you never get to stand in a stadium, it’s likely you meet someone almost daily who needs to know what you do in a clear, persuasive, differentiated and memorable way. You can either keep stumbling through these marketing opportunities, or you can design a killer pitch that arm you for persuasion.  Here’s how… Continue reading “How To Construct A Killer Stadium Pitch”