5 Main Reasons People Won’t Buy From You In 2019

Are people ignoring or rejecting your marketing?

In 2019 here are the 5 main reasons people won’t buy from you. I could write the whole day about each of these, but here’s the short version.

  1. They don’t want what you’re selling – Your product is trash, or else you’re just not solving a problem they care enough about. Great marketing of a poor product is one of the fastest ways to destroy your company. You’ll turbo charge your own negative word of mouth – especially in this digital world we live in. If the value of your product isn’t immediately obvious, all hope is not lost. You’ll need to engage in some education based marketing.  Take the opportunity to teach prospects about the problem as well as you unique solution over time.
  2. They don’t know that you’ve got it – You need to get louder, clearer and more consistent.  Let me ask you a question, how many of your Facebook friends actually know what you do? Oh…they’re not in your target market? Fair enough, but how many decision makers and those who influence them actually know you exist?
  3. They don’t want it from you – You need to re-position yourself. If you’ve got a terrible reputation, a weak offer or a really strong competitor, this can happen quite easily. People who want what you’re selling don’t want it from you.
  4. They don’t believe you – You need to raise your credibility. If people don’t believe the claims and promises you make in your marketing, you’re in trouble. This happens more often than you might think. Back up your claims with proof and make your promises more believable – for example, by being more specific. If you can’t do that, make sure you have a ridiculously strong “risk reversal”, or guarantee.  
  5. They can’t afford you – You need to improve your market targeting or work on the perception of your product or make it easier to buy. Of course, pricing is a huge part of your positioning or marketing strategy

Most entrepreneurs or businesses i work with are losing money in two or three of these areas. You?

The Next 30 Seconds…What Will You Say?

watch, timing 30 seconds
Say something, you've got 30 seconds

They call it the stadium pitch and here’s how it works…

Imagine being in a stadium with 10 000 people, all potential buyers of your product. You’re on stage with a mic and the opportunity to address the crowd about why to buy your product, and why buy it FROM YOU!

Great opportunity… except for a tiny problem

They’ve already been there for 10 hours listening to long boring presentations by other entrepreneurs! It’s hot, no chairs, and what’s more… It’s just been announced that whoever wants to, can NOW go home. You have just 30 seconds before it’s too late.


Your first sentence is what’s called your Headline. If it’s weak, no one stops to listen. If it’s the same thing your competitors have been saying the whole day, They’ll ignore you and buy from someone else. If it’s all about how great and exciting YOUR product and YOUR company are…no once cares.

So again…what do you say to them?

Not knowing the answer to that question is basically the problem for most businesses. You have no real way to capture the attention of their market, keep it and profit from it. You assume that just because you’re talking, the market is listening –

You can’t see the thousands of potential buyers, walking away from you every single day!

Want to solve the problem?

Do it with a stadium pitch. It’s a 30 second, or one paragraph statement that immediately captures attention, explains what you do and distinguishes you from your market.

Tomorrow, I’ll develop the idea of stadium pitches further. I’ll show you a few excellent examples and a few formulas on how to construct yours. Be sure to tune in!

In the mean time do you have one already? If you do, email it to me for a free critique, I analyze it for free and show you how and where you can improve it. If you don’t have a stadium pitch but you have a tag line or slogan you use…send that to me and I’ll do the same.

Until then, be thinking. Don’t simply echo your competition, don’t be boring, don’t be irrelevant.