Why Selfish People Follow The Leader?

followTheLeaderSo why does anyone follow a leader? Because the leader needs followers? Why do people buy from a business? Because the business needs customers?

Big Fat No.

People follow when they have become convinced that following the leader is the best possible thing they can do for themselves. We buy when we have come to believe that what we have in our pocket is not as valuable as what you have in your shop.

People are selfish like that – all people, including you. Good marketers, leaders – effective influences of every kind have come to understand it,  and to love it.

Why Bother With Manchester United?

"proud of my team"
“proud of my team”

Consider a popular soccer team – say Manchester United (who also happen to be the best – yay!). Now supporters don’t share in the prize money, world fame, power and influence that the players enjoy. They have no share of endorsements nor do they ever even get to touch the trophy. So why bother? Why follow the brand to the ends of the earth? Continue reading “Why Bother With Manchester United?”

Steven Covey In Zimbabwe Cuz, What You don’t know CAN Hurt You!

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It’s true that what you don’t know can hurt you. When you go through life (and business) with your eyes closed, unaware, ignorant – it’ll cost you. Oh and just so you know…

NOTHING is More Expensive than ignorance!

Now In case you haven’t heard (from under your rock), Steven Covey, the management guru, best-selling author of 7 habits of highly effective people, 8th habit and more is in Zimbabwe Continue reading “Steven Covey In Zimbabwe Cuz, What You don’t know CAN Hurt You!”