Playboy Interviews Bill Gates, 17 Years Ago!

I’m a huge fan of interviews, huge – especially with the industry greats, and few can claim to be as great as Bill Gates. I stumbled upon an old interview of Bill Gates (he was just 38 at the time), and i loved it so much that i had to post it, here’s why –  Success leaves clues and when you listen in on an interview with a highly successful business man like Bill Gates, it’s had not to find a few success clues along the way.

Most of you won’t read this interview, it’s long and probably most interesting to people with an interest in technology, but if i were you…

Bill Gates Interview

“When Bill is talking about computers, technology, business strategy, biotechnology, or his vision of the future, youre amazed at the amount of information in his head, and at his facility at sifting through it and drawing surprising conclusions. On his personal life, he can be somewhat defensive, reluctantly talking about his parents, his recent marriage to co-worker Melinda French and his life away from the campus.”

“True to his reputation, Bill would rock furiously at times. Other times he would stand and pace or stare out the window. Once, as we were talking about his problems with IBM, he picked up a heavy rulersome kind of paperweight or award and slapped it repeatedly into his hand.”

“I decided, at least for that moment, to stick with less controversial questions.”

PLAYBOY: Let’s start small. Explain the future.

GATES: OK. [Laughs] Today, the PC is used as a primary tool for creating documents of many types; word processing, spreadsheets, presentations. But by and large, when you want to find a document, archive it or transmit it, you don’t really use the electronic form. You get it out on paper and send it. In the coming information age, access to documents, broadly defined, will be done electronically, just by traveling across a network that people now call an information highway. It’s also called digital convergence, a term popularized by John Sculley, and information at your fingertips, a term I use a lot. I’m quite content this will happen. I could be wrong about how quickly.

PLAYBOY: How soon?

GATES: Optimists think three years. Others think ten. I’m a convert. I’m spending almost $100 million Continue reading “Playboy Interviews Bill Gates, 17 Years Ago!”

Interviewed By GreedySouth!

Happy new year! It’s going to be a fantastic year, hope you’re ready for it! A friend of mine summarised his news years resolutions this way – “Less procrastination, more action, less worry and self-doubt, more faith, less stupid, more smarts”.

Simple enough!

Anyway, i sat down for a short interview with Godwin from Greedysouth (the Zimbabwe entertainment blog). He asked me a bunch of questions about who i am what the Business Setup Group is all about and more – you can see the whole interview here – Greedysouth entertainment