Internet, Facebook, Cats & Hot Babes

Mwa internet, mwa!
Mwa internet, mwa!

People love the internet. More than almost anything we love the internet. All our favorite websites, apps and services depend on it, so increasingly it’s where our attention is migrating to. And where our attention goes, our dollar goes. Away from print magazines and newspapers, away from traditional broadcast TV, away even from giving undivided attention to our loved ones.

Internet Addiction Disorder…it’s a real thing!

Teens and 20 something year olds in the UK are now spending almost 30 hours a week online. THIRTY HOURS!! And you can bet they’d do the same in Zimbabwe if they could afford it. Fact is, Internet access in Zimbabwe is still too pricey for some.


Here look at this cute Continue reading “Internet, Facebook, Cats & Hot Babes”

How To Use Google – Tricks & Games

Google Secrets

Thanks to Econet Wireless and many others, the online/internet landscape in Zimbabwe is changing fast. Easier and faster internet access to more Zimbabwean people means interesting and exciting things for businesses, marketers and ordinary folk, yet you’d be surprised just how few people in Zimbabwe actually  know how to use the internet. Being a certified internet addict and a big Google fan, i thought I’d share a few tips and tricks to help you find stuff easier online. Continue reading “How To Use Google – Tricks & Games”

Econet, Internet and the Future Of Zimbabwe Business.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe is smart. But it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that NO ONE invests $200 million dollars without a seriously solid ‘money back’ (plus profit) plan. On the other hand…many Zimbabwean businesses are sadly…not smart.

Econet LogoDon’t know about you, but when I see someone I respect invest millions of dollars into something, I want to know what they see…and how I take advantage of it.

When I told some Zimbabwean businessmen – early 2009 that it was time begin seriously investing time and money into understanding and leveraging the internet, they laughed. Continue reading “Econet, Internet and the Future Of Zimbabwe Business.”