How To Get A Shop License In Zimbabwe

shop license ZimbabweIf your business sells from a shop in Zimbabwe, you’re going to require a shop license to trade legally and fully formalize your business. Here is how to get it done for yourself if you have the time. If you need help with the process we are happy to help for a small fee, just use the form below to get in touch

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3 Ways To Not Be Boring & Why It Matters in Online Marketing

Ah…your business is so boring

Good marketing and boring, don’t mix, but Social media in particular, really hates boring. Social media platforms are designed to make sure boring sinks to the bottom, and remarkable rises to the top. Both Google and Facebook work that way. Twitter works that way – heck, life works that way. If you’re going to be visible on social media, you’re not going to do it by being boring.

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How To Abrogate Confusion Simultaneously Avoiding Obtusity In Communication.

Abrogate, it means to do away with something. It’s easier to say ‘get rid of’. Problem is, when people are misguided on how to impress an audience, they sometimes lean on $100 words, when a $1 word would have done just fine. It’s obtuse (unintelligent.) as far as effective communication goes.

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How to find Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe

What are the best business opportunities in Zimbabwe right now? It’s a question I’m asked almost every week. There are at least 3 answers – equally accurate, but not equally useful.

The first is a template response, which will basically list for you the most commonly known business opportunity areas in Zimbabwe.
Mining for example – Gold, Chrome, diamonds etc.

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Mining is a golden opportunity in Zimbabwe for entrepreneurs and investors – but you already knew that right?

Problem is, Mining is only an opportunity for you is you have money, a lot of it to get started. It’s capital intensive to identify, purchase then actually dig and eventually profit from what you find in mining.

A good many Zimbabweans joined the ‘gold rush’ (or diamond rush) and bought mines in a hurry, only to find that they couldn’t afford to dig. Eventually, many are forced to sell it off to someone with the capital, often time, without much (any) profit from the whole transaction.

Answer number two is more useful to you…but no one wants to hear it, because it’s work. The worst kind. It’s the kind of work men fear most, involving the use of the brain, not the hands!

How do you find a business opportunity in Zimbabwe? My best answer is that ‘it depends’.

English: A map showing the spread of the 2008 ...
English: A map showing the spread of the 2008 Zimbabwe cholera outbreak (affected areas shown in orange) – combined evidence from United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian AffairsAlertnet and Relief Web. Primary Source:WHO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Depends who you are. An opportunity for you may not be one for you.
  • Depends what you have. You may not have the access or the assets to take advantage of the same opportunities as I do.
  • Depends what and who you know.

If that sounds like I’m answering a question with a question, it’s because I am. The question of what are the best business opportunities in Zimbabwe is best answered by the question

‘Whose asking?’

If you force my hand though, I’ll give you another answer though. A simple formula for finding any opportunity anywhere.

Ask yourself these 3 questions

  1. What do people In Zimbabwe want That I Can supply competitively? Don’t ask what do people need, because we don’t always buy what we need, we buy what we want. Many Zimbabweans spend more on entertainment than they do on many things you may think they need (education and self-improvement, Health matters, home maintenance etc).
  2. What are Zimbabwean businesses selling and can I help them sell better or can I out sell them? This is great if you’re the really entrepreneurial type and understand the power of marketing. To find out what people are selling, buy a week’s worth of newspapers and look for trends. What products are advertised the most. What kind of ads? What are they saying. I’ll go deeper into this another time.
  3. What do people want that they can’t get a satisfactory solution to right now? If you can find this, you’ve found a golden opportunity. It’s means that you’ve acknowledged the presence of competition, but that you may be able to offer a better solution.

That’s it, well not quite…there is another option for finding business opportunities in Zimbabwe…

Let Me Find Business Opportunities FOR You!

If you’re interested in a more risk free and ‘real world’ answer to the question of business opportunity, I have another answer for you. It’s reliable and pretty easy (no real work involved on your part). It’s a unique method that will uncover the specific and actionable opportunities you’re probably after. It’ll cost you $180, but well worth it for the right person. If that sounds like too much to pay for good information, you’re almost certainly wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the opportunities if i gave them to you free.

If you’re interested, let me know, I’ll tell you how it works.

Doing Business In Zimbabwe: The Four Secrets

With inflation in the Zillions, most Zimbabwean entrepreneurs have had enough. Are you one of them? Perhaps you’re thinking of leaving to ‘Harare North’ (UK).You’ve hit your head against the wall so many times, yet it doesn’t seem to break.

Well what If, instead of trying to break the wall down, you found the door? Not only that, but you also found the key?

If you’re interested I can show you both. The door is called leverage. And there are four keys that will open almost any business door you want. In my last Book “Cash Baron Secrets”, I’ve out lined these for you in a simple, easy to read, practical way.

You’ll see how;

1) I got a got a half page advert in the paper for free.

2) How I turned four hours of work into a 6 month ‘money saving stream’

3) How I got a timely cheque from an almost stranger, who didn’t like, or trust me – no begging necessary.

4) How I got a business to work 12 months to build a marketing opportunity for me, at their own expense without them even knowing it.

5) Lots more

The great thing about all these examples is that they’re from years ago…when I didn’t have a cent or a reputation. You’ll see exactly how I used leverage to survive and thrive where others were failing.

Download it here 100% free

I still leverage today. The higher inflation gets, the more relevant the keys become for any entrepreneur in these extraordinary times.

Max Soutter

I’m going to leave the book for free download for a few more days, then it will be removed from the site. So if you’d like to learn from a once ‘desperate cash baron’, then download it now.

talking about leverage, for a limited time, here’s how to start a business without money

No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

No Business Opportunities in Zimbabwe?

Really? Must be my imagination then… I keep seeing them everywhere. All you need do is open your eyes and think a little outside your box.

We have one of the 7 wonders of the world– it’s proven to attract millions of visitors a year. The factors keeping those millions away wont last forever. Or better yet, maybe you should just wait until the opportunity becomes obvious to the whole world?

Enough natural resources to make everyone in this tiny country filthy rich. Put your thinking cap on. Make some calls, do some research. Are you the one to take advantage of these resources? Someone has to. And someone will.

Small country, nationwide media. For example, whatever you’re selling – your marketing can literally reach the whole nation with a relatively (by comparison) small budget through national media. 2 or 3 newspapers. There’s just one TV channel to worry about. National media coverage costs less than ‘community coverage in the first world!

Where else can you hire someone for less than a dollar a month?A skilled person. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is happening. Offer half decent salaries and you’d have some of the best employees the country has to offer.

Innovation is easy.A third world country with a educated and literate population (including diaspora). Basic technologies and facilities are not available. Whole industries almost don’t exist. What, you’d rather try to innovate in the first world, where your best idea was probably already done about 5 years ago? Where you’re competing with mega businesses? Where innovation is a way of life?

Half the population in the Diaspora.Setup partnerships both ways. If your business has potential, talk to your brother in the UK. 200 pounds may not be a a really big deal. In Zim, that could cover salaries for 5 – 10 people! You’d have a bigger advertising budget than most BANKS. If you’re living overseas, you’ve got no excuse.

So easy to gain a competitive advantage.Imagine a place where something as simple as high speed internet can be a competitive advantage? Where really understanding strategy and marketing (direct response) is like understanding magic. Where having a Paypal account makes you the only person who can buy products/services from the internet? Where having the right accent is taken as being educated?

Come on. I could go on, but that’s enough ranting for one day.

Or you can focus on the politics. Put your hope in Gideon Gono, Morgan Tsvangirai, Zanu PF – none of these people will make you rich. Trusting in politicians almost guarantees failure. Trusting in the media, no matter which one will DEFINITELY disadvantage you.

It may not be easy, the challenges are real, very. But so are the opportunities. Be unconventional. Be a positive leader. Be smart. Be quick. Be unselfish and bold. No one except God will hand success to you. And even then, you’ll still have to take it.

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