Start an Event Planning Business In Zimbabwe

The event planning or event management industry in Zimbabwe branches off into two main markets: the corporate events market and the social events market. ‘Corporate’ here doesn’t only refer to companies and businesses, but also to government, NGOs, charities and other fund raising

Opportunities for business

There’s potentially a lot of opportunity for business out there, think about it Continue reading “Start an Event Planning Business In Zimbabwe”

How To Start A Business Without Money

No Money needed?Is it possible to start a business with no money? Is it true that it takes money to make money in business? What business can I start if I only have very little money to get going?

These questions are some of the common emails I get from start-up entrepreneurs and employees in Zimbabwe and beyond. In fact many people have been waiting for years to finally have enough to start their business…most never do.

In this post I’ll provide you with resources, realizations that will help you overcome these hurdles in a big way…or at least get you going.

First you need to realize a few things about starting a business in Zimbabwe (or anywhere).

1)      It takes a lot more than money to start a business. Continue reading “How To Start A Business Without Money”