Best Online Advertising Option In Zimbabwe?

You can waste a lot of time and energy with most free online advertising platforms in Zimbabwe. Sure, FREE classifieds come at a great price, but the results are often very poor indeed. If you’re expecting a flood of business from any online classifieds website, you’re likely to be disappointed. Do it anyway, some are better than others…just make sure you systematize the process as much as you can so that it isn’t taking up a lot of your time.

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The Problem With the Truth In Marketing

The problem with the truth is that in marketing, no one wants to tell it. There’s a good reason for it – the truth is very rarely stranger or as interesting as fiction – Just ask Hollywood which genre makes the most money ‘Crazy could never happen in real life action packed’ or ‘True Stories’.

Most businesses have nothing to say to the market that’s exciting, AND true, so they lie – or tell half truths. Or they settle for really vague promises and statements that can be misleading, but aren’t necessarily true. This creates a real probortunity (Problem + Opportunity) for you if you have something worth saying, and you know how to get it believed. I’ve written about believability before and why women wear mini skirts, why Mujuru’s death story was suspect from day one and The Truth about Black people… read them – but also check out this advert – The Herald advertising it’s own newspaper.

The insinuation in that Analyse/ Compare/ Know…that’s how the Herald does it. They measure the validity of their news sources objectively bringing you ‘the truth’, the Full story.
Do you believe that this is in fact true for the Herald? or do you think it’s a little closer to ‘half true’?

You tell me.

What about you and your business? How believable are your marketing claims for those encountering your brand or products or adverts for the first time? When you claim to be the best, cheapest, fastest, biggest etc…how much of your market really believes it?

Does anyone?

"Don't Make Donations To Herald Newspaper, Zimbabwe"


About 5 years ago, I discovered something shocking about the Herald Newspaper in Zimbabwe. It angered the heck out of me and I decided to do something about it.

Did you know:

The Herald newspaper is probably Zimbabwe’s Most Successful and Cash Rich Charity.

They’ve raked in more in cash donations than ANY HIV AIDS or Cholera based NGO in Zimbabwe ever did! Shocking right? But, I know this, because for years, I myself (and many more) was a major contributor, without even knowing it!

But now – no more donations from Max Soutter.

See, I’ve found a way to turn the tables around in my favor. These days, I’m the one milking them for financial gain… here’s how you can too (100% legal) Continue reading “"Don't Make Donations To Herald Newspaper, Zimbabwe"”

Anger Management For Entrepreneurs!

I’m Angry Again….Grrrr!

When you’re finally sick and tired of being sick and tired and your back hurts from being up against the wall…then, just maybe – you’ll get angry. And frustrated. And intolerable. Maybe you’ll finally be ready to make a change.

You’ll grow quick-tempered and irritable at the mention – the mere thought of doing things the way you used to. The way that doesn’t work. You’ll lose patience with the old habits, systems, strategies and theories that have limited you for so long.

This is a good thing because…

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