Prophets Get Paid More: Why Strive Masiyiwa Earns More Money Than You

Prophets get paid more than historians. In Zimbabwe, as in many places, offices and streets and filled with Historians. Experts in the past. Political, social, economic and entrepreneurial historians – experts at why we are where we are today and whose fault it is.

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In Zimbabwe, they’ll tell you about colonialism, the ‘illegal’ or ‘targeted’ sanctions, land reform, 2008 inflation on and on. They blame the President, they blame the Prime Minister etc but always victims of their past.

Entrepreneurs with this mindset will tell of how they were born poor, how 20 years ago their daddy didn’t love them, how 3 years ago the bank wasn’t lending- — always the past, often eloquent, but very rarely helpful.

Oh and if you ask a historian why they focus so much on the past they’ll say it’s because it’s our past that defines us and that there’s no going forward without understanding the past.


The Future however, which is where we’re all going, belongs to Prophets, not historians. Prophets make bold predictions of what’s to come, they invest heavily for things that historians and commoners will be surprised by. The result is that they’re always ahead of everyone else.

Strive Masiyiwa wasn’t the only one to see the opportunities that existed in telecoms in Zimbabwe, he was just the first. He was prophetic. By the time his competitors (rivals) saw what he saw, he was way ahead in implementation, strategy and mindset.

Bill Gates is the same, he gets paid today because 30 years ago he invested heavily to take advantage of opportunities that were not yet obvious to his competition. By his own admission, one of his biggest mistakes was not seeing the significance of online search early enough. Google did, and today they’re are number one, far ahead of Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

It’s easy to look at a company like Econet Wireless now and come up with intelligent sounding theories about why they are such a success, because it all history now. Looking into the past is easy. The future is risky business though. You could be wrong and if you are they’ll be consequences.

When is the best time to invest in Zimbabwe, start your own business, explore new technologies, make a strategic shift? Where will the biggest and best opportunities in Zimbabwe be 3 years, 5 years or 10 years from now? What should you be doing now to get ready for the future?

Time will answer all questions sooner or later. But in the same way time isn’t waiting for you, you probably shouldn’t be waiting for time either. If you make a bold prediction and take massive action on it, it’ll change the course of your life. If your prophesy proves false, we’ll probably never hear of you, but if you’re right…you’ll be the prophet with the profit.

Not a bad place to be!

Mind you, they’re also prophets of doom, but sheesh, that’s another story.

Prophets Get Paid More: Why Strive Masiyiwa Earns More Money Than You