How To Not Commit Suicide After Business Failure

failureThey say failure teaches more than success, and maybe that’s true (Tom Cruise disagrees).  What is certainly true though is that there is a way to fail, and a way not to.

I’ve personally learnt quite a bit from my failures, things i thought i already knew, but didn’t really. Two main lessons stand out…

  1. Failure is not to be feared
  2. Don’t commit suicide when you do.

Failure is not to be feared. 

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Things Are Going To Get Worse This Year… Definately

Everything is going to get worse for you in 2010… it really is. Things will not improve. It will not ‘just work out’…nothing will come together. A year from now, you’ll be broke, your brand unknown and you be going around
in circles, saying…”Things will get better”. But they wont.
Want proof?