How Far Can You Walk?

One Kilometre? Ten?  Actually it depends on why. It depends on what’s waiting for me at the end of the journey. A life dream come true? I can walk a million miles. For something I don’t care about? Across the road is too far to walk. It’s got nothing to do with the physical distance, it’s about the why.

And that’s the trick to perseverance.

A strong why.

Absolute clarity on why you’re still walking and unshakable belief that it’ll be there, when you get there. Some mountains really are too high and some valleys too deep  – for the wrong why, as it should be.

Five Frogs And One Four Letter Word.

Quick quiz: Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off…how many are left?

Answer: FIVE! Because there’s a big difference between deciding and doing.

Good decisions won’t make you a success, not unless you also decide to take action…and then take it.  We all know this. So why do so few actually live it? I think it’s usually because of a tiny four-letter word: Continue reading “Five Frogs And One Four Letter Word.”

Entrepreneurial Success…What's the main factor?

In entrepreneurial success, what makes all the difference? Is it money? Brain power? Good ideas? Or maybe it’s hard work? I say no to all of the above. There are countless examples to prove each of these wrong. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs don’t come from a prosperous family or get straight ‘A’s in school.

So maybe it’s HARD WORK?

I mean no pain no gain right? But then how do you explain the millions of people who work extremely hard all day, every day – and NEVER get out of the rat race? Or How would you explain Richard Brandson’s claim in a recent interview –

“I don’t work any harder than a really Good Secretary or Manager”.

SO again…what makes the difference in entrepreneurial success?

I believe there is an answer. LEVERAGE. Every single successful entrepreneur in the world has used leverage extensively in his business. He’s leveraged the skills, time, knowledge, experience and money of others.

More recently (last 20 years or so), especially with the proliferation of the internet, smart entrepreneurs have been leveraging the internet and a vast array of online communication, automation and other technologies.

Leverage takes you far beyond the limitations a limited skill set, a lack of knowledge or money or even a 24 hour day. Leverage enables you to get big results from small efforts.

Leverage is the master key in business.

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Yours for smarter business




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