“Yo Mama’s So Fat” and the most important marketing secret.

Say just about anything else to a guy and you might get away with, but as soon as you mention his mama, you’re walking on thin ice. ‘Yo mama’ jokes are possibly the most offensive jokes on earth – you know the kind

  • Yo mama so fat that she’s on BOTH sides of the family
  • Yo mama so fat that when she gets into an elevator, it has to go down.
  • Yo man so fat that she comes at you from all directions
  • Yo mama so fat that  – heck, you get the point right?

Not a good idea to say the above to your average guy. It’s too much of an emotionally charged statement… perfect for smart entrepreneurs and marketers.

In this post

  • The single MOST important factor in successful marketing and how Volkswagen uses it to sell the world’s most expensive car.
  • Why you and your marketers are much less logical than you thought, and how to take advantage of it
  • Why a snobbish, racist, politically crazed, gay rights advocate could be the best thing that ever happened to your business.
  • How to super-charge your marketing and make your products irresistible. Continue reading ““Yo Mama’s So Fat” and the most important marketing secret.”